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Airline Blows Passengers Away With Incredible Christmas Surprise

Watch this viral video as WestJet astounds over 250 passengers using latest technology!

Airline Blows Passengers Away With Incredible Christmas Surprise
Airline Blows Passengers Away With Incredible Christmas Surprise

What is Christmas to you? What do you expect to happen at Christmas? What to do you want for Christmas? You may answer that Christmas is a time of loving and giving and share what you hope to receive during this exciting season.

And that’s exactly what the WestJet Airline Company did. They created an incredible surprise for more than 250 passengers during the festive season. And it wasn’t just an ordinary surprise, but something super exciting for everyone on two Calvary-bound flights.

WestJet placed a virtual Santa at the airport where the passengers could share what gift they most wanted for Christmas, and families were having a great time talking about it. Little did they know that airline staff were working behind the scenes to list all the things they wanted and while they were traveling, the WestJetters bought and wrapped every gift requested.

When the passengers landed and went to reclaim their baggage, they were blown away when they saw boxes with their names on coming along the conveyor belt. People were cheering and laughing the moment they opened their boxes. You can imagine the tears of joy, laughter and smiles as they all received the exact gift they wanted.

What WestJet did for the passengers reflects what Christmas is all about. They did a beautiful thing that made people happy. It also shows what a group of people can achieve by working together in unity!

This Christmas season, let’s remember to give, not only to those we love, but also to people in need. This is the season of sharing the blessings we receive from God. Together, let’s celebrate this fantastic season, with a heart of thanksgiving.

Watch this video which has had over 48 million views and prepare your heart to melt:

Credits: WestJet

This article was written by Kriza Jo Tanduyan.

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