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Alyssa Milano: Abortion Stories “Sorry Not Sorry”

Alyssa Milano intends to collect abortion stories and share them on her podcast "Sorry Not Sorry"

Alyssa Milano: Abortion Stories “Sorry Not Sorry”
Alyssa Milano: Abortion Stories “Sorry Not Sorry”

“Bodily autonomy” – the justification behind Alyssa Milano’s fight behind the Georgia Heartbeat Bill protest.

The problem is that there are two bodies involved in an abortion. One of which is still working to grow and simply exist, he/she just hasn’t had enough time to develop enough to know how to speak yet.

The Heartbeat Bill is meant to limit abortions up to 6 weeks or until a fetal heartbeat is detected. Alyssa recently rallied over 100 Hollywood artists to sign a petition to boycott the state unless they decide to back down from bringing this bill to law.

A recent tweet by the Hollywood actress reveals her intent to collect stories of people’s abortion experiences. We can probably assume that the stories will only support her stance and serve only one side of the spectrum.

While some women may need the opportunity to speak about their abortion experience, speaking out publically is an emotionally dangerous way to do it. Sending in a voice memo is not going to make anyone feel safe, covered and supported once their voice is on air and there sitting alone at home reliving a painful experience. It’s not the proper or healthy way to work through a traumatic experience.

There is also the fact that when Alyssa comes out with the podcast which will be casting the topic of abortion in a positive light, it will begin a process of normalizing the act of abortion, calling it “normal”, “common”, or “OK”.

Unplanned star Ashley Bracher responds to Alyssa’s case against the Georgia Heartbeat Bill in this video below, calling it “a couple of loud voices” and expressed that she has personally reached out to Alyssa to talk “mother to mother” and “actress to actress”.

For more about this topic, read: “Almost 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Seek Help To Quit Industry After Seeing Unplanned”


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