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An Amazing Family Pic That Defies All Obstacles And Brings Hope!

Nick Vujicic, his mother, Dushka and wife, Kanae are an inspiration to us all

An Amazing Family Pic That Defies All Obstacles And Brings Hope!
An Amazing Family Pic That Defies All Obstacles And Brings Hope!

This amazing family pic looks like any other happy couple and their beautiful children, however, there is much more to this picture than meets the eye. If you look more closely you will see that the dad in the pic has no arms or legs.

Those who immediately recognise the famous motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic and his family will be well aware of his story of victory over impossibility. However for those who don’t, meet a man who had a very rough start in life but refused to give up and now inspires millions. Born in Melbourne, Australia, without limbs he hasn’t allowed disability to stop him from living life to the fullest and having a perfect family of his own.

Mother’s Day may have come and gone but Nick’s two Mother’s Day posts on Instagram are well worth reading as they so full of hope. They say a picture paints a thousand words and that is definitely the case here. Each post tells the story of a mother who refused to be bound by human limitations and instead decided to go with God’s plan rather than man’s wisdom.

The first is Nick’s mother Dushka, who never gave up on him despite his disabilities. A particular comment on this post says it all: “What an amazing picture of love, your mom believed in you and never gave up. God bless her and you as well for all you have done to inspire and motivate and to spread the love of Jesus to this hurting world.”

Nick’ father Boris tells the story of his exceptional son in the book, Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child: Facing the Challenges with Strength, Courage, and Hope. Both parents had to overcome their initial shock at his birth to embrace the limbless baby who is now a beacon of hope worldwide.


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LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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An Amazing Family Pic of the Vujicics Today

In the second post, Nick is pictured with his wife, Kanae who is the mother of the couple’s two boys and twin girls. It is not every woman who would take on the challenge of a disabled husband and yet God has blessed this family beyond measure.

One can’t help but feeling that Nick’s little sons, who are so much like him are a picture of what may have been if Nick had not been born the way he was. However such is his immense platform today Nick probably wouldn’t want to change anything about his life even if he could. God has used him in an extraordinary way to encourage people to perservere no matter what… and to share a powerful message that salvation is to be found in Christ alone.


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HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my wife @kanaevujicic who is such an incredible, courageous, selfless and devoted Mother to our four adorable children. From the mouth of our pastor Steve Abraham this Mother’s Day… To all the Mom’s who… 1. Gave birth this year…we rejoice with you 2. Lost a child or mom this year…we mourn with you 3. Are in the trenches with little ones this year…we appreciate you 4. Experienced loss through a miscarriage, failed adoption or run away…we grieve for you 5. Foster moms, mentor moms & spiritual moms…we need you! 6. Those who have close relationships with their mom…we celebrate you 7. Those who are distanced from your kids…we pray for you 8. Who are single, desiring to be married and a mom…we are believing with you 9. Wanting to have kids but can’t conceive we believe with you for a miracle, being content without kids, or being a miracle to a foster or adopted child, joyful in the Lord either way. Mothers Worldwide… thank you!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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How touching of the Vujicics’ pastor Steve Abraham to single out all the different types of moms in the world today. From the new moms to those who have lost a child or their own mother; to those in the depth of despair through a miscarriage, failed adoption or whose kids are prodigals. Pastor Steve even acknowledges those who aren’t biological moms, but mothers all the same for the nurturing role they play. Every one is covered including those desiring to become moms. This is a beautiful post that will bless every woman who reads it.

As for Nick, his whole life and ministry is perhaps best summed up in his famous quote: “I’m an ambassador of Jesus Christ, standing at the gates of hell redirecting traffic.” What an amazing testimony. Follow Nick’s example and be part of God’s family. Be part of an amazing family pic in Heaven.

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