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An Open Letter to Single Girls

God's timing is perfect and He has a season for everything!

An Open Letter to Single Girls
An Open Letter to Single Girls

Do you feel alone?  Do you feel peer pressure between your colleagues because everyone seems to be getting married except for you?  Are you the person who is at the prime stage of life to enter a relationship, but given up on the idea of having someone?  You don’t think you’re good enough to be in a committed relationship?  Then you’re in the right place. This article is written just for you. God knows what you’re going through right now, and you are exactly where you need to be.

Nowadays, singleness has almost been treated as a disease by many people.  Society seems to define a person’s worth based on their relationship status—whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married.  Most of the time, this is also the reason why single people become desperate to meet society’s demands and merely marry whoever comes at their front door.  

People would rather waste their time with someone they don’t truly love than be alone.  They might find themselves settling for anyone, instead of waiting for the person God has chosen them to be with forever.  Sadly, this cycle leads to a crooked path of fallouts and wrong choices that eventually crush someone’s heart and spirit.  However, in light of all these things, have you ever thought about what is God’s will for us in regards to relationships?

This video from Tiffany Dawn about being single will provide some encouragement to you.  She shares how “singleness” can be a beautiful season if you have the right mentality.  Often times, when we look at things in a positive light, it is then that we can truly find God’s purpose – even in the tough seasons.  What she shares about God’s will in your time of singleness will bring you new perspective and will set your heart free.

This is truly heart melting.

Credit: Tiffany Dawn via YouTube

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