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A GOD TV Opportunity You Don’t Want To Miss!

A GOD TV Opportunity You Don’t Want To Miss!
A GOD TV Opportunity You Don’t Want To Miss!

GOD TV has been bringing the gospel to people around the world for 25 years! We have been blown away at what we have seen the Lord do through GOD TV this last quarter of a century. It’s so exciting to think and pray about what we would love to see in the next 25 years. 

We want to see more people know God and proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We want to see more healed, set free, and delivered. We want to see people encouraged and uplifted through media. And we also want to invite YOU to be a part of this mission to see souls won for Jesus, Israel blessed, and revival across the globe!

To make the most of these opportunities that God has set before us, we are setting a goal to raise 25 million dollars throughout the next year. This money goes directly into the expansion of the Gospel and bringing increase to the GOD TV lighthouse.

Together We Reach The Globe

Two of our precious partners have kicked this campaign off with a £25,000 (about $32,000) match fund. This is a couple that have given multiple millions of pounds to GOD TV. A couple who could easily say they have done enough, but like us, are compelled to share the Gospel through media. Your gift will make a huge impact with reaching our target and enabling us to reach more people than ever before. 

Additionally, because of this very special couple, your giving this month will be matched up to £25,000 (about $32,000). That’s right, your gift this month is worth double to GOD TV and will literally go further and help us do more than we could ever do alone.

There’s no way we can do this on our own. We need people like YOU to run this race with and to tell others about Jesus. 

JOIN US today by going to god.tv/25year and giving your own gift TODAY!

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