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Analysis Paralysis: Living With Loose Ends

Only God knows everything - we just need to know and trust Him

Analysis Paralysis: Living With Loose Ends
Analysis Paralysis: Living With Loose Ends

Overthinking is a corrosive practice and worth quitting!

In the western world, the ascendancy of rational thought and logical explanations for everything has led to a much poorer enjoyment of life as God intended. Our mind/intellect is only a part of who we are and not intended to the dominant part at that (that’s our spirit). This, in turn, has led to many of us refusing to accept from God what we can’t first intellectually grasp.

We have understood that salvation is an act of faith but have then forgotten to apply the same truth to the rest of our spiritual life. For us to grow up in Jesus we need to stop our tendency to over analyze everything and realize that this practice is both immature(as a believer) and that it sells us woefully short of the abundant life we have been offered.

Please don’t assume I am downgrading the use of our God-given intellect as I’m not! However, it needs to find its proper place and not immobilize our growth and development.

Our mind is not created to ‘rule’ our spirit but rather to be renewed by it.

Ask Holy Spirit to show you where you are currently unable to receive what God has for you because you have analyzed/rationalized out that possibility.

Do you need to activate faith in parts of your being?

Ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you which parts.     

Following on from‘overanalyzing’, lays the question, ‘why do we have such an obsession with life and spirituality needing to be ‘all sorted’. Why is there such an obsession for a highly defined theology with detailed practices to outwork it and disapproval of those we think ‘don’t have it together’? We can’t definitively know everything (if we did we’d be God!).

Certitude is a masterly deception by our enemy! We fall for his ploy that being fully informed and immovable in the ‘tenets of the faith’ is a place of maturity – but sadly it isn’t!

A deep, abiding and entwined relationship with God allows us to be content and settled in that ‘connection’. This then allows God to challenge our theological concepts, our doctrinal dogmatism and our unhealthy dependence on anything or anyone other than Him.

Striving to come up with a definitive view usually reveals the insecurity of the ‘striver’.

Is striving something you do? Why is that?  If you are unsure ask Jesus to show you why.

When our focus is primarily ‘what we believe’ it generally leads, sooner or later, to division.

Learning to live with your loose ends

Whereas, if we focus on ‘who we follow’ we discover genuine and dynamic unity and an environment in which it can thrive. The big issue here, however, is that our unwillingness to live with unanswered questions leads so often to a place of limitation, spiritual dryness, and even burnout. Learning to live with loose ends brings relief, peace; and a lot of things no longer aggravate, scare or preoccupy us.

It’s so much more enjoyable and healthy. It’s not so much about an adjustment of our behaviour as it is about an internal, God orchestrated transformation.

This allows us to live from a place of ‘shalom’.

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