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Antioch Missionary Baptist Church: The Inclusive Spread of God’s Love

Changing the lives of people who will ultimately change the world.

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church: The Inclusive Spread of God’s Love
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church: The Inclusive Spread of God’s Love

From Biblical times, the name Antioch has been synonymous with Christian evangelism. When the first churches fled persecution, they fled to Antioch. It was in Antioch that followers of Jesus Christ were first called Christians. Antioch was also the launching place for Paul on his missionary journeys. While Antioch Missionary Baptist Church may not take its name from the famous city, its outreach of changing the world through a believer is applicable.

The History of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1894 by Reverend A Venerable and 85 members of a local congregation. They purchased a lot in Beaumont, Texas and built a sanctuary. The church now under the pastorate of John Adolph has over 7000 members and holds three Sunday services. They are impacting the world through a Christ-centered, biblically-based, spiritually led church, meeting the needs of the total person.


    • Reverend M E Robinson – Became pastor in 1901, the fourth over the young congregation. He was integral in the process of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church becoming part of state and national associations, as well as further additions to the facility.
    • Phillip Hodge, Sr – Fast forward to 1992, and the twelfth pastor of AMBC. Pastor Hodge instituted many of the now existing plans that educate and equip members for evangelism. From a New Members Orientation class to the Youth Explosion ministry. He also began a Sunday morning live broadcast as well as a tape ministry so everyone can hear missed sermons or share a sermon they enjoyed.
    • Pastor John Adolph – In 1996, Pastor John Adolph was called to serve as pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. Under his pastorate, the church has seen exponential growth, and God has inspired him to build into the missions of the church. Creating 50 ministries, some of them include a Christian daycare center, youth activity centers, and the purchase of land for low-income families.


The many ministries of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church are all rooted within the 5 E’s established under their banner of changing the lives of people who will ultimately change the world.

    • Exaltation – to help the church unify in the worship of the one true and living God. The ministry includes musicians, choirs, and dance teams.
    • Evangelism – to fulfill the Great Commission through every possible venue and vehicle. These include outreach ministries to the community, prison ministry, tent revivals, as well as foreign missions.
    • Equipping – Teaching and training believers to “take the Word of God, with the Spirit of God, to make the child of God become the image of God.” These exist through Sunday School classes and other training forums.
    • Edification – to build up the church within. Many active ministries to promote the love, life, and lessons of Christ. Target ministries for men, women, youth, children, married, and families.
    • Encouragement – The overlooked ministries that without them, churches could not exist — the behind the scenes workers that allow functions to run smoothly. From the parking lot attendant to the door greeter to the sound techs that record and distribute the sermon recording.

The Mission of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

The church aims to present the Gospel in a clear, contemporary manner to everyone. To provide all with the means of hearing.

    • Live Streaming – All three Sunday’s sermons are streamed live on Vimeo Livestream. There are also archives, so if one misses the sermon, they can catch up with demand.
    • Ambassador Magazine – A quarterly magazine with devotionals, study guides, and other information.
    • Battleground Academy – A teaching and training of AMBC. Pastor Adolph instructs on each of the ministry tenants listed above.
    • Television Ministry – Pastor Adolph also has a strong television presence. He has a weekly broadcast on the NOW network; he has appeared on TBN and the Impact network, as well as his weekly streaming.

The church is active across the world ministering in Africa, Haiti, and Ghana. Pastors and members travel to spread the Gospel of Christ as well as sending needy children backpacks and school supplies annually. The global ministry includes a weekly prayer call that hosts around 10,000 people. All AMBC ministry functions with the focus of equipping the saints to make a further impact upon the world around them.


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