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Are We Listening To God Or To Man?

How To Listen To God's Voice

Are We Listening To God Or To Man?
Are We Listening To God Or To Man?

During these days of turmoil we need an anchor. Our anchor is God. You will hear many voices vying for your attention but you need to listen to His voice.

Until we know His voice, we will be tossed about like the waves – here, there and everywhere. We need to hear His voice. Jesus said My sheep hear My voice and follow Me. If He said it, then He meant it. If we say we are not hearing His voice it makes Him a liar or we are hard of hearing. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your ears to hear Jesus.

Hearing His Voice

Our identity is in Him. He is the Word. Read His word for many hear Him through His written word. Some hear His audible voice. Most have a clear impression as a revelation in their spirit. I hear Him through revelation. A thought or word or sentence is suddenly down-loaded and my spirit says it is Him, like the title of this post. I then allow Him to flow through me with His thoughts, which I write down in my blog. Others may have visions or dreams, which I rarely have.

We are all wired differently, and God speaks to us in different ways. We need to be in His presence to hear Him, see Him, and feel Him.

Children Of God

God has not left us as orphans. He has called us His beloved children. Like a loving Father He wants to commune with us. We need to give Him time and space for this. Jesus spent a lot of His time alone with His Father. He only did what He heard and saw His Father doing. We can also do the same.

In these days God is calling us to an intimate time with Him. He will not abandon us. I yearn to hear Him daily. Nothing can replace His voice. Pray in tongues and then immediately speak in your own language and be amazed as what comes out. His Spirit in us will show us the way. Trust Him completely. He will give us wisdom to know what to do. Be blessed.

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