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Are You Believing Lies?

Here’s how to unlearn them!

Are You Believing Lies?
Are You Believing Lies?

How often do you think about the way you think? Without knowing it, we think and process everything around us through our belief system. But how do you know if what you believe is being affected by lies?

Unlearning the lies we’ve believed about God and ourselves is key for us to step into all God has created us for. Often, we don’t recognize lies for what they are. They’ve become so much a part of our thinking and how we view the world, we don’t realize how they are in conflict with God’s Word and who He says we are.

God Wants Us Free From Lies

I remember one time God talked to me in the most unusual way. At the time, my self image wasn’t just non-existent, it was always negative. I was in crazy bondage. I was over 400 pounds, and the level of self hatred I was under was more than I could even process at the time.

But God found a way to breakthrough and speak to me. For months, these young 28-year-old guys would come up to me and tell me I was beautiful. They were always 28. One, who is still a dear friend, just walked up to me one day and said, ‘I am supposed to tell you that you’re beautiful.’ It didn’t matter where I was. Multiple times a week for months this happened. They were always 28 year old men telling me I was beautiful. I knew it was God.

It sounds odd, but this process unmasked so many lies I had believed, both about God’s nature as well as myself that were holding me back from speaking and ministering the way God had called me to.

Lies About My Appearance

I hadn’t really looked in the mirror in years. I went and really looked in the mirror, and said, “God, clearly you’re trying to tell me that I’m beautiful. But how do I get my natural internal process to line up with what you’re saying when it’s not how I feel?”

I had been learning about speaking life and making declarations. I never believed it would change anything, but I went ahead and made positive declarations about myself. The next morning God woke me up and asked me to look in the mirror again and make positive declarations about my appearance.

It felt weird talking so positively about my appearance, since I had a fear of being prideful. But as I mention in my podcast, through this process I forced my soul to come into alignment with what my spirit already knew was truth. This was such a powerful moment for me! When you declare God’s truth over yourself, it breaks off the lies and opens yourself up to come into alignment with God’s truth over your own experiences.

You Can Be Free!

You don’t have to stay stuck in the lies! God wants you to be free so much He might even speak to you in the most unusual ways. Take a moment and ask God to speak to you in an area where you’re believing lies. Ask Him what His truth is for you in this area.

If you want to hear the rest of the story more in depth, check out my podcast, Through the Eyes of a Seer Prophet: Getting Real with Jenna Winston. This story is in episode 1, Unlearning the Lies.


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