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Are You Expecting?

Expectancy isn't just a time of waiting, but a time of preparing.

Are You Expecting?
Are You Expecting?

I am a father of three amazing children. In the time that my wife and I have been married, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the birth of two of the three children that God has gifted us. During the period of time in which my wife carried these wonderful blessings into our lives, it was common for people to say, “She’s expecting!” They might even have gone as far as to say, “They’re expecting!” This is a good feeling for a father, considering that I might have had some part in the process that got us to that point.

In this year 2019, there has been a great deal of prophetic insight given to this year, where many, including myself has proclaimed that this is a year of new birth, new oil or wine, and even a new harvest. I’ve previously stated that in terms of a harvest, it is going to require a degree of labor or plowing to prepare for the harvest.

As a husband, my level of expectancy is not quite the same as my wife’s.

She would be thinking of the prenatal care. Her thinking is on things like, if the baby is healthy at each stage of the pregnancy; if the living space is safe and harmonious for the child that would soon enter into the world; and which clothes, toys, and things required for the daily care as well. My thinking is on what we will name the baby, how will this baby impact our finances, and how ready I am for this change to our lives.

What this all boils to is that I began to recognize that when you are in a season of expectancy, you are also in a season of self-preparation. You know that something is coming and you begin to think of all the things you need to do to make room in your life for what is coming. When I previously spoke about preparation, it was in the sense of preparing the land, like a farmer who is plowing through before sowing the seed. However, once the seed has been sown, there is another preparation that has to take place because you know that a harvest can be expected.

In the same way that scripture tells us that no one builds a house without first counting the costs, you won’t find a farmer who sows seed without an expectation that a harvest will come. Expectancy causes you to reorganize, restructure, and rededicate. When there is a harvest that is coming, you have to have things in place to be able to handle that harvest. The harvest won’t handle itself.

When my wife was expecting our children, her body needed to be prepared to bring them forth. That meant that she had to be eating the right things, getting the right amounts of rest and exercise, and we had to set an atmosphere within our home that was inviting to what we were expecting.

If you are in a season of expectation, you not only have to plow through those tough things in the same way that a farmer prepares the soil to receive the seed; you’re also preparing room and establishing an environment like a couple expecting a newborn. You must reorganize your life in such a way that you can manage what is coming. You must restructure things in a way that sets you for the change the new thing will bring forth. You must rededicate yourself to those foundational things that will sustain you when you are about to be stretched beyond your normalcy.

If you are truly expecting, do not stand idly by hoping for the harvest. Now is the time to have an expectancy that moves you to prepare to receive the harvest. As you prepare with expectancy, you provide a level of ease and stability for what will come and a level of peace within you.

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