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Are You Good At Asking For Help?

I think if I'm being honest it felt too scary and vulnerable to need help...

Are You Good At Asking For Help?
Are You Good At Asking For Help?

Are you good at asking for help? I’m not, in-fact I used to be awful at it. I didn’t know how to ask for help or accept it. I never wanted to be a burden…or maybe I was just afraid to ask. I would never accept help, and I definitely didn’t want any one going out of their way for me. I think if I’m being honest it felt too scary and vulnerable to need help. ⁣

Then I had my daughter, and I had to rely on others’ help. I was often by myself with her (my husband toured) and I had very little family around. So I had to ask for help often. I actually began to realize the gift in receiving and not just giving help.  Recently I’ve had several situations where I could visibly see that somebody needed help. But when I offered to help they didn’t accept it out of fear, not wanting to inconvenience me, saying… “I’ve got it” even though they clearly didn’t. ⁣

It made me sad, because I know what it’s like to be that person. But there is so much much that I’ve learned about asking for and receiving help, here’s a few of the things…

– It makes the other person happy to help you.  Think about it…when you help someone it makes you feel good, people really do want to help. ⁣

– It creates a sense of community. Seriously we were not meant to do it alone and we have always been meant to rely on each-other for basic survival. ⁣

– Its humbling to not only admit you need help but also receive it. Its a really great tool at smashing pride. ⁣

– When you receive help you are setting a new standard in culture that says its ok to not only give help but receive it as well.  You create the invitation for others to ask for help as well. ⁣

So if you are an avid help avoider, let me challenge you in this: The next time somebody offers to help you in a big or tiny way, LET THEM! SAY YES! ⁣

Put pride and fear aside and subscribe to a higher belief, let them help you and then just say ‘thank you so much, that was really kind’ and see the smile it puts on their face it’s actually really fun.  And you will find that you the receiver, and them the giver, will feel so much better because we were all made to give and to receive!⁣

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