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Are You Living In A Defensive State Or A Christ State?

How to cope in a crisis

Are You Living In A Defensive State Or A Christ State?
Are You Living In A Defensive State Or A Christ State?

A crisis always puts us on guard. Whether it is a personal crisis or a societal crisis, we all go into defensive mode. Our defensive system is internal or psychological. And this is the way we cope with insults from the outside or within. Our defensive capability is tested as we overcome challenges through the stages and ages of development. Some defenses are primitive like avoidance and denial. However, others are more mature like sublimation and rationalization.

Jesus Has The Answer

This is the way we cope in a crisis and the outcome is determined by our defensive posture. This drama is acted out in our soul and we manage our emotions, thoughts, and behavior in this area. We can think of it as our self-survival kit. When our defensive system is overwhelmed than we have a mental break down. Thus, we then enter another state. A state where we become vulnerable to external and internal stimuli. Which might cause us to withdraw into our shell and become closed off. These varied responses differ from individual to individual. However, psychological therapies aid in strengthening our defensive system. Finally, we become more resilient to face future threats. But Jesus came to show us another way.

Final Words: Defensive State Vs Christ State

Jesus said, “cast your burdens on me and let me carry it for you.” But, this is a challenge for us as we humans always want to be in control of ourselves. Jesus also said, “to take up your cross, that is, die to your self and follow me.” We have to make the choice daily to carry our cross or not. Jesus is our defense and He has promised to care for us when we commit all to Him. Letting go and letting God is easier said than done.

However, God is calling us to let Him be our defense as He says “leave judgment to me.” A life of surrender believes that God is able to defend us and keep us at peace. When the whole world is in chaos we can find a resting place in Him. These days God is calling us to allow Him to be our defense against all our enemies. Finally, surrender to Him today and experience His peace that passes all understanding.

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