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Are You Sufficiently Satisfied?

Are You Sufficiently Satisfied?
Are You Sufficiently Satisfied?

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Talking of God’s ability, it is infinite in capacity and manners of expression towards His creation, especially His own children. God is able to do literally everything that we cannot even imagine. But whenever the Word of God beams out a particular ability of God, it is done so that we can align our imaginations with it and develop our faith along that same line.

One major way the infinite ability of our God can find expression towards us is by bringing sufficiency into our lives. The kind of sufficiency that goes beyond, but includes, material sufficiency. Human needs will always include and go beyond material needs. Our needs will include mental, emotional, relational, social and spiritual needs with even much more. Some of our needs are tangible while many are nebulous. It takes the all able God to meet such.

The will of God is that we have His sufficiency manifesting in all of the areas where we have need as often as the needs manifest. It glorifies God as a father that His children are well catered for in all things and looked after while our sojourn lasts here on earth.

The sufficiency we are talking about here is resident and released towards us through grace. Grace in this context is the divine enabling and help which bring God’s ability to sufficiently satisfy His own into bear in our daily existence.

Since ‘God is able to make all grace abound’ we need to daily connect with that possibility in divine ability. Every possibility of grace becomes a reality to whosever will reach out in faith towards Heaven. God can make grace abound towards your health, do the same for your relationships and every other area of concern. He can do it always.

Divine ability to sufficiently satisfy us is made abundantly available through the abounding grace found in Christ Jesus. God will have us align our inner imagining along this line. He will have us develop our connectivity of faith as did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as we were admonished to follow the steps of those who through faith and patience inherited similar promises. Hebrews 6:12.

The reality is that when our needs are sufficiently satisfied, we are able to do more good works while our sojourn lasts here on earth. We are able to comfort others with the comfort of God wherewith we are comforted of God.

This article was written by Dr Yinka Akintunde, Lead pastor of Diadem Church London and author of His Pain My Gain.

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