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Arise and Shine for Your Light Has Come!

Arise and Shine for Your Light Has Come!
Arise and Shine for Your Light Has Come!

Your Light Has Come!

It’s something we read over and over in the word (Isaiah 60:1) but do we really understand what it means? ARISE ( literally to get up; synonyms include EMERGE, SPRING UP and COME TO LIGHT). There are often

ARISE ( literally to get up; synonyms include EMERGE, SPRING UP and COME TO LIGHT). There are often seasons that we feel we’ve been kept in the darkroom, which in the photography field, is a place where negatives are developed into the polished photo. Spiritually, it’s very much the same. Imagine we are photos in God’s darkroom: A place of process and refining in which intimacy and revelation are really nurtured and matured within us.

In the physical However,  it can sometimes feel as if as a result of the darkroom process we’ve been left behind or we’ve missed opportunities that could have excelled and propelled us greatly in our journeys.

I believe the word encourages us that the time has come to EMERGE from that place, to SPRING FORTH from where we were and COME INTO THE LIGHT.

ARISE (to STAND UP , to STRAIGHTEN UP) in times of struggle! It can also feel like your being kicked while you’re down, that nothing is ever straight forward or easy (and it almost makes you not want to try again)  but when we come out of times like those we  find situations of confusion and stagnancy become clearer and paths that once appeared laden with obstacles now appear clear and even. I feel the word also encourages us that through rising and shining, clouded and unclear situations will clear into straight forward God guided direction to what he is calling us into.

SHINE (to produce a bright light). Ever been told “there’s something about you” or “you just glow”?

The Jesus is you is so visible even non-believers see it. in emerging and springing forth from where we once were, we shine, His glory shall be seen on you (Isaiah 60:2).  We shine from the glory upon us, we glow from the joy of the lord in us and we sparkle with the wisdom and intimacy with the Lord formed during the process. May we shine with new zeal and be elevated to excellence in Jesus name!  May we know and understand the inheritance and glory we are called into and walk in revelation of who we are in God who shines through us and may the holy spirit, our friend, teacher and advocate help us demonstrate the kingdom of heaven that God may shine through others too (That’s a heart cry for me too).

SHINE (to perform very well) during seasons of wilderness or refining it can also sometimes feel as if we can’t do anything right, all ventures we attempt  (even ones we know God wants us to do) never seem to take off (or even make it out of the airplane hanger). There is a time for everything and when we finally EMERGE from the process and have gods go ahead, we begin to find that favor, destiny helpers, and provision becomes more easily attained, it’s no longer our works but a venture with heavens seal of approval stamped on the front. Business ideas, ministry plans, and creative ventures become more than just blueprints and through the glory of the lord that has risen upon us. We can not only arise, we can not only shine, but we also have access to the glory of God that has risen upon us in coming out of where we were.

That scripture is really an encouragement to me and I pray it encourages all who read this to truly ARISE and SHINE away from all the hardships and burdens of past seasons and grow in excellence and authority in God as we all continue to run the race of our lives!

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