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Arkansas Church Pays Homeless $9.25 Per Hour To Collect Trash

What an amazing act of love!

Arkansas Church Pays Homeless $9.25 Per Hour To Collect Trash
Arkansas Church Pays Homeless $9.25 Per Hour To Collect Trash

A church in Arkansas pays homeless people $9.25 per hour to collect trash around the state capital.

Bridge to Work

The Canvas Community Church in Little Rock runs the Bridge to Work program. The ultimate goal for the program is to bring people out of homelessness and provide a better future for them.

“The goal is to give them a day’s work and a day’s pay but also the opportunity to connect them to services that can help them get full employment or whatever the next step is,” Canvas’ associate pastor Paul Atkins said.

The program is currently in its sixth month and the success of the program is evident, City mayor, Frank Scott Jr., plans to extend it an additional year.

“We’re super excited about what has gone on, and we hope to be able to keep the momentum going,” Pastor Paul said.

Better Future

The program has given hope for a better future for the homeless people.

“Hopefully, by doing this job right here, maybe I can get hired on by the city or something,” one of the homeless men said.

A total of 380 people have joined the crew with some coming more than once. Over a hundred sites have been cleaned, 2,056 bags filled with trash. And 1,821 hours worked since the program has started. The city has prepared an $80,000 budget for this program.

$9.25 was two dollars more than the federal minimum wage thus giving the homeless more opportunities to improve their life. This Arkansas church is leading the way to help bridge the way out of homelessness.

“I show my son that no matter how many times you start over, or get knocked down, try and try again and it will happen,” one worker said.

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Reference: New York Post 

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