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Asking Yourself The Hard Questions

Asking the hard questions is key to breakthrough!

Asking Yourself The Hard Questions
Asking Yourself The Hard Questions

Have you ever felt stuck? It’s common to hear the phrases “I got stuck in traffic” or “I’m stuck on this math problem”. But what do we do when we find ourselves feeling stuck in life?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the answer was an easy one?  The truth is when we find ourselves feeling stuck the only way to get out of the rut is to dig deep. We have to begin asking the hard questions…to ourselves!

Asking The Hard Questions

Asking the hard questions is the only way to find the root, or reason, for feeling stuck.  It requires being honest with ourselves about our emotions, beliefs, and decisions.  As Danny Silk says, “The only person you can control—on a good day—is yourself.” In other words, the only person we can actually change is ourselves.

Asking ourselves hard questions is the only way to get to the root of any problem. Additionally, knowing what the root is is the only way to know what need to be done to see change. In other words, if you chop visible parts of the tree off and leave the roots, over time you will have the same tree again. Thus, it is imperative for an individual to determine the root, or cause, of a situation in order to uproot it and change.

Setting The Example

So how does one go about asking the hard questions? More importantly, what kind of questions need to be asked? Justin and Abi Stumvoll are two of the leading pioneers in asking the hard questions. For example, in a recent podcast on to their steps to overcoming betrayal is asking yourself, “What is my part in this [betrayal]?” Talk about asking yourself a hard question?!  However, as they often encourage listeners, asking the hard questions, being honest with our answer, and taking care of our hearts in the aftermath is the only way to get free.

Asking ourselves the hard questions helps us solidify our identities.  The answers to the hard questions reveal areas in our hearts where we are believing God’s truth and other areas where we are believing lies.  John 8:32 reminds us, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  If we want to be free and live fully alive, then we’re going to have to ask ourselves the hard questions!

Discovering Your Identity

As Christians, one of the main areas we often struggle and find ourselves stuck in unhealthy ruts is knowing our identity.  Again, in order to breakthrough and discover our true identity in Christ we must also ask ourselves the hard questions.  For example, “Do I really believe I’m worthy of love?”, “Am I able to receive love from God and others?”, “Do I find my worth in my performance or position?”  Our answers to questions like these reveal the truth of what we are believing. Are believing like orphans or as sons and daughters? The truth is our experiences with our earthly fathers can affect the way we relate to our Heavenly Father.  In other words, our identity is shaped by interactions, or lack of, with our earthly fathers.

Are you looking for a resource for discovering your God given identity and help asking the hard questions? Justin and Abi recently published The Father Series that does just that! The Father Series is a 12-part e-course that will help you ask yourself the hard questions. Get down to the roots and discover the ways you are projecting your childhood experiences onto your Heavenly Father.

Go deep. Ask the hard questions.  Freedom and breakthrough are on the other side of uprooting your negative beliefs. You’ve got this!

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