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A Message of Hope for Our Atheist or Agnostic Friends

A light-hearted look at people of faith and those with none

A Message of Hope for Our Atheist or Agnostic Friends
A Message of Hope for Our Atheist or Agnostic Friends

Ok we get it – you don’t do God! We respect your choice. Isn’t it amazing that we have a choice as to what we believe? The question is ‘Who gave us that choice?’

For the atheist the answer is anyone but God. For the agnostic there is a remote possibility that freedom to choose is God-given but they aren’t even going to go there. For those angry at God, they may wish He didn’t exist!

Christians are often the topic of ridicule by atheists, so allow us to make a couple of jokes about atheism!

  • “Atheism is a non prophet organisation!”
  • “An atheist is one with no invisible means of support”.
  • “Atheist headstone inscription: ‘All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go’.”

We can laugh at quotable quotes like these, although as Christians we don’t see atheism as a laughing matter. This is because we genuinely care for people and we see their rejection of God as a disastrous decision with eternal consequences. So we often come up with polite stock responses like these:

  • “You may not believe in God, but He believes in you,”
  • “Have you considered it takes more faith to be an atheist than to be a believer?”
  • “Could God possibly exist in a dimension that you haven’t yet discovered?”

Although these comments may be thought-provoking, they may not get through to our atheist or agnostic friends. We know you need to see our love for each other in action. It’s this inexplicable, unconditional love that points the way to a higher power at work in our lives.  As you look at our lives, we hope you can also see the miracles we experience regularly that point to a loving God at work.

For the atheist, our hope is that through our example you would move from atheist to agnostic, taking one step closer to a relationship with God. For the agnostic, we pray that the uncertainty of whether or not God exists would be settled in your mind – that your future would not be determined by belief in your self alone but in our Creator and the Manufacturer’s Handbook He has provided. How difficult it is to guarantee a correct installation or fix a problem without the owner’s manual or operating instructions! In the same way we believe the Bible can help make sense of life and living.

Whether you are angry at God or don’t believe He’s there for you at all, we believe He has an amazing plan for your life and the sooner you discover what that is and how He can help you fulfil it, the more you will accomplish in your time on earth. However it’s what happens next that is our main concern.

At that point it won’t matter how you are dressed, but you will have somewhere to go. Upwards or downwards, again the choice is yours! At that point no profit or prophet will be able to help you. You may very well need that invisible means of support! So don’t dismiss it while there is still time.


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