Atheist Scientist Challenged Christian Apologist And Regretted It | God TV

Atheist Scientist Challenged Christian Apologist And Regretted It

Atheist Scientist Challenged Christian Apologist And Regretted It
Atheist Scientist Challenged Christian Apologist And Regretted It

It’s no surprise that a lot of people question God’s existence. Agnostics and atheist scientist alike give their best efforts just to disprove the claims written in the Bible. And sometimes, even to the point of confronting and challenging a Christian’s faith through tough and burning questions.

For hundreds of years, innumerable people have already tried to destroy the Bible. Records of burning the book in non-Christian nations is beyond number. But nevertheless it continues to reach even the remote places on earth. It has remained the best-selling book from generation to generation. Surely, Ravi Zacharias knows fully well that the power of God’s word cannot be stopped.

The Greatest Christian Apologist Of Our Time

Ravi Zacharias is a well-known Canadian-American Christian apologist and a respected author. Many believe him to be the greatest Christian apologist of our time. He has debated several agnostics, atheists, and scientists during his famous Q&A sessions on religious issues. And the questions usually thrown at him are pretty tough. Doubters and those struggling with the Christian faith are confronting Dr. Zacharias on issues of scripture, morals, ethics, science and reasonability.  

And in one remarkable moment at a university, an atheist scientist challenged him. Extremely confident of his own assertions he asked, “How do we have freewill, if God is this omniscient being that knows everything about us, everything we will do, and pretty much knows our outcome before we were even created? Then He creates us knowing pretty much everything we will do. Since we can’t surprise Him by our actions, we have no free will, our choices are pre-determined. Then the act of judgement is completely immoral because He knows what we are going to do because nothing surprises Him?”

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Straight away, Ravi gently explained the errancy of the scientist’s way of thinking. Ravi continued to exquisitely unfold how God’s omniscience and goodness and our free will can co-exist. 

Watch the full story of how Ravi answered this burning question from an atheist scientist in the video below. Share will those who are struggling to come to terms with these hard questions! 

Source: Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


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