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Al Roever

Al was born the second child of a dedicated, committed Christian family. When he was four years old his father became pastor of First Assembly of God, Brownsville, Texas. Al almost literally “grew up in the church.” For a three year period in the late forties, he never missed a Sunday in Sunday School and church. This habit served him well later in his life. In 1961, Al finished high school and started college at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Leaving a small-town parsonage for dormitory life at a major university was total culture shock. Al flunked math and had to change his major from Science-Engineering to Languages and Philosophy. In spite of a continuing attack on what he considered his “faith”, Al held out until his senior year when he suddenly turned from the faith of his fathers to atheism. However, that habit of attending church, which was developed at an early age, still dominated his life. In April of 1965, Al was gloriously saved at Oaklawn Assembly of God in Houston, Texas. There he promised God, “I will live for You every day for the rest of my life.” He began teaching French at Southwestern Assemblies of God College the next semester; he was baptized in the Holy Spirit in November 1965; and he was called to preach in January of 1966. Since that time, Al has pastored for twenty-five years; was general manager of his brother’s ministry (Roever Evangelistic Association) for five years; taught three years at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, Florida; and taught for ten years at the Heartland School of Ministry, founded by Evangelist Steve Hill, in Irving, Texas. Roever’s greatest passion in ministry is to give Christian Youth the intellectual tools to resist the secularist agenda of our Universities – which is to destroy their Christian faith. He is currently involved in the development of the Global University/REAP International worldwide discipleship training ( and the REAP International Bible College (


The Way That Seems Right Vs the Way That Is Right

BY Al Roever

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