Christmastime is at hand, always a great time to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, our Messiah. We also want to thank everyone who has supported our children this past year and the various projects we’re involved in. It has been a tough year for us financially and yet we have come through victoriously.

Please see below, a profile of Kondanani, so you can see all our comings and goings in 2018.

Our children are growing and need to further their education. Yesterday we took the first five to the University, they will go on a 5-week bridging course before they commence lectures in February. Needless to say that I am a very proud mother, although some times the task of so many more to come overwhelms me a bit.

The children are healthy, body, soul and spirit we consider ourselves so fortunate that with this many children they are almost never sick, just a sniffle here and there. We give God the glory!

Our hospital is ready for use. It has taken quite some months, but here we are ready to go as soon as we get the licence. I can’t wait, many little lives will be saved.

We at Kondanani, our children, staff and missionaries wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous  2019.

“I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” (Psalm 118:17)

Kondanani Profile

Kondanani is an indigenous non governmental organisation, registered under the laws of Malawi, with our head office at: William Village 1, T/A Bvumbwe, Thyolo District, Southern Region, Malawi.

The activities of Kondanani were launched in 1998 by the former President of the Republic of Malawi, His Excellency Dr Bakili Muluzi. It was founded by Annie Chikhwaza and her late husband, Lewis Chikhwaza. Mrs is Chikzwaza  is the Chairperson and Executive Director of the organisation.

Kondanani has various disciplines,with the main focus on orphaned children and their needs. It employs 115 men and women from the neighbouring villages. The 160 children we house, feed, clothes and educate, are living in various homes on our 50 acre property, as a family. There is a boy’s village and a girl’s village. All the children have come as small babies to Kondanani. At present the age group is from 4 to 19.

We have a nursery school, primary school and high school. The schools are exclusively used by our own children. Our high school children are studying towards their ‘A’ levels. Next year five will go to university.

On our premises is a clinic, which is being used as a rehabilitation clinic for children from the surrounding villages, who are physically and mentally handicapped. Part of the clinic is also used on a regular basis for medical missions, we have teams of doctors that come from Cairo, Egypt, who spent a week attending to many patients from the surrounding villages.

Many of the village people suffer from severe high blood pressure. We run a blood pressure clinic for those people every two weeks and they receive medication. Many have been saved from having a stroke.

Our previous baby home which has been renovated into a hospital for children below the age of five, is ready for use. We are awaiting a licence from the Government. The mortality rate amongst that group of children is very high in this country. There are 600.000 people in the Thyolo district. It will be able to accommodate 60 little patients from the neighbouring villages.

We have several income generating activities at Kondanani. We have a herd of 35 jersey cows that provide the children with a half litre of milk each per day. There is a pig farm which supplies us with much needed meat. Cheese is produced every day in our cheese factory for restaurants in Blantyre from the milk we have from our own cows, and from milk purchased from farmers in the surrounding villages.

We have a Guesthouse which generates some income.

We have not looked away from the needs of the people who live in our area you will have noticed that from the above We raised funds for a borehole in William 1 village, which is of great value to the people. We are drilling a second borehole this coming dry season in William 2 village.

Mission statement

To create within the child an awareness of belonging; to promote an environment of love and care; giving them an opportunity to be educated which leads them to self-reliance and self-respect, so that they may take up the responsibility of their own identity, as they grow towards adulthood.

If you would like to give towards the children at Kondanani or the children’s hospital, you can give online

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