Beth Jones

Contributor, Author, Speaker, Pastor

Beth Jones is passionate about helping you learn the basics of God’s Word to unlock your potential and live a life you love! As an author, Beth has written more than 20 books all about “the basics.” As a speaker, she teaches the basics in a real, funny and practical way at churches and conferences around the world as well as through online courses ( and television ( She and her husband Jeff are also the founders and Senior Pastors of Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Together they have four adult children who are all serving the Lord in ministry.


Live Your Life With New Perspective: You Are a Child of the Most High God!

BY Beth Jones

I Was Drowning in Life’s Worries, But Then I Found Grace

BY Beth Jones

You Are God’s Child and He Has Lavished His Love On You!

BY Beth Jones

God Loves It When We Ask Him for Things! Have You Ever Noticed How Often Jesus Mentioned This?

BY Beth Jones

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