Brian Layne, Author at God TV

Brian Layne

From Prison to Praise

God is the sole reason I am alive today. Just 10 years ago I was hopeless drug addict Living in the streets of some of the toughest neighborhoods in Indianapolis. I am blessed and fortunate to have survived. After multiple near death situations and incarceration’s I was at my end, I just wanted to die. However God had other plans and it was that seed of Hope and Destiny in Christ that carried me through some of the toughest times. I surrendered my life and God took control. I have never looked back. I now work as a consultant at GOD TV and help manage their social media. I personally manage over 13 million subscribers in both Faith based and secular fields. I also work as a Radio show host for a Recovery Radio program. My goal is to spread the gospel of Hope, Truth, and Identity in Christ, through media and public speaking. No matter where you’re at in Life, God has a plan and when you realize and surrender to that, your life will take off! Your purpose will meet his passion and then you will step into your Destiny.


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