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Clint Davis

“The sustainability of mass revival rests on the reformation of the Church back to Her First Love.”

Clint Davis is a South African-born theologian and leadership coach, former radio and television presenter, who over the past decade has lived and ministered in South Africa, Dubai, Australia, and now at home in the USA on a mission to see the Church come to full health by reforming back to her First Love. Aside of an international radio career, Clint was also a high performance driving instructor for over 10 years. Three times he's jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, skydiving from 13 000ft. He's been a believer for over 30 years, completed 3 years of Bible School and a further four year degree in theology while in the Middle East. From small traditional churches to mega church of over 30 000 members, Clint's seen a whole lotta church and many seasonal moves of God.  Aside of the Revive the Remnant Podcast he also writes for, has written a screenplay seeking production, and is currently writing a book focused on how we can heal the American church. He and his wife live in Austin Texas with their two furry four-legged kids.  Clint accepts preaching and teaching engagements on the topic of the church, leadership, and personal ownership of faith. He also trains church staff, leaders, and influencers in healthy communication, making use of the DISC behavioral style, through his Lead Follow Consulting project.


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