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Kathi Basehore

Kathi Basehore is a psychologist with extensive experience in the field of mental health. Her previous jobs included testing and counseling troubled children in the foster care system and counseling people with severe mental health problems at an outpatient workshop center. She also worked in an inpatient setting, meeting with families of patients and working with consumers in small groups. Later she became part of a group private practice where she provided play therapy for young children and individual and marital counseling for couples. Currently she has a solo private practice where she counsels teenagers and adults. Kathi also holds board certification as a professional Christian psychologist with the American Association of Christian Counselors. She has received training through the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry and was a facilitator for those inner healing groups for several years. She is listed as an Immanuel prayer counselor, having trained under Dr. Karl Lehman, author of "Outsmarting Yourself" and Pastor Patricia A. Velotta, author of "Immanuel A Practicum." She has received training in biblical dream interpretation. Other training included dismantling the impact of unresolved generational sin and iniquity. She receives ongoing training through continuing education credits on trauma and dissociation. She completed Dr. Daniel Amen's DVD Course on The Brain and Behavior. Kathi is available to speak at your church or small group. Her topics include how unresolved physical, emotional and spiritual factors impact the raising of children. This would cover the effects from any type of unfinished childhood trauma. There is great need to incorporate understanding and capture present-day triggers in order to uncover and encounter truth in life, through the guidance of Holy Spirit. You may contact her directly via her website at https://kathibasehore.com/speaking/ Kathi lives in Bernville, PA and is a local member of St. Thomas Evangelical Church. Together with John, her husband of 40+ years, they have one adult child, Kelsi. She has written her first book, a memoir, entitled "Can you just...love her?" God taught Kathi to remain centered on Him as He led her through a parallel healing process between her and her daughter who has struggled with multiple mental health diagnoses. God's training for Kathi, John and Kelsi is ongoing, as the family deals with the impact of autism, OCD and cognitive impairment in Kelsi's life. Kathi is also a contributing author to GOD TV, an online publication.


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