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Luke Gajary

Contributor, Author, Professional Nerd, Passionate Communicator

Luke is an author, professional nerd, and passionate communicator. He worked in media departments for several organizations both large and small, has held in various ministry roles both in the local church and para-church ministries, and at his core…he enjoys bringing stories to life. Whether through preaching the Word or sharing stories of life transformation through various media, Luke's passion is seeing believers come alive with the fire of God burning in their hearts and the redemptive story of His goodness flowing from their mouths. His latest book “Tell It Well” (releasing August 2017) encourages believers to share their story with confidence and to boldly tell of the mighty works of God in their lives. Luke resides in Fort Worth, Texas and has a beautiful wife Maritza, a gorgeous almost-3 year old daughter Isabella, and a stud 5-month-old son Caleb.


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