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Orrin Rudolph

International Speaker, Author, Pastor and Coach, Orrin Rudolph, grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era. He experienced the murder of his close cousin as well as the shooting of his mother. From these experiences as well as a strained relationship with his father he became embittered and angry towards everyone. He allowed his past to impact future relationships with those he loved, through uncontrolled anger. The revelation of letting go through the process of forgiveness, placed him on a journey of healing and restored relationships with a new acceptance of people. Orrin helps grow congregations by providing interactive workshops, powerful keynotes, dynamic preaching and individual coaching which helps people overcome the pain of the past through the power of forgiveness. Congregations can let go of resentment, hurt, anger and fear so that they can achieve wholeness, richer relationships and professional success to encourage healthy growth within the local body. Orrin runs a successful podcast called Vital Life Connection on iTunes and is the author of the book, “Let it Go!


A Tick Called Bitterness. How You Can Expose It

BY Orrin Rudolph

It’s Time To Leave the Past Behind – Let It Go!

BY Orrin Rudolph

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