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Rene Lafaut

I was born in South Africa, and immigrated to Canada in 1976 with my family. I eventually went to university. But while working on a PhD, I became brutally ill with Schizophrenia. I am currently working at a shelter in Vancouver, BC. I have written five books all available on Amazon, Kindle, and Kobo. They are called: "Exploring Faith, Hope & Love"; "Dismantling the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Within So Love Can Thrive"; "Exploring Humility and Pride"; "Going Deeper With the Twelve Steps"; and "To Be Broken Into Freedom: A Spiritual Journey"....By typing my name "Rene Lafaut" into their Amazon, Kindle, or Kobo search engines will bring up my books. The are very reasonably priced. My books are about how to navigate learning curves when it comes to love. About how to repent. About how to overcome addictions and compulsions. They talk about what humility is, and how to see one's own unhealthy pride at work in oneself so that we can move towards humility and therefore love for people. My books answer questions I asked God and myself with the goal of growing up spiritually. God gave me wholesome advice. I have some promotional videos for viewing at: by copying and pasting it into your browser.


True Love Lived Out Will Turn The World Upside-Down!

BY Rene Lafaut

Becoming Merciful

BY Rene Lafaut

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