Awakening Europe touches the nations from Prague | God TV

Awakening Europe touches the nations from Prague

Viewers respond from Slovenia to Singapore and beyond

Awakening Europe touches the nations from Prague
Awakening Europe touches the nations from Prague

As Awakening Europe continues to ignite a new evangelistic flame across Europe, GOD TV is rebroadcasting some of its 2017 messages from Prague this January. Furthermore, all sessions from Awakening Europe Prague 2017 can be watched online (see link below).

Awakening Europe Prague was recorded LIVE at the Tipsport Arena in the Czech Republic from 29 June to 2 July 2017. Not only did the event impact Prague with over 10,000 people in the stadium and over 1,000 people coming to faith in Jesus, GOD TV viewers responded from across the globe.

During the historic event hosted by Ben Fitzgerald with top revival speakers, worship leaders, and bands, we received emails, tweets, and comments from just about everywhere. It’s impossible to list all the countries or mention everyone’s names, but we are able to highlight some of the places where our viewers watched from and share some of their impressions.

Emails to [email protected]

  • Many viewers responded from North America – both Canada and the USA. States we heard from included California… Georgia… Illinois… Colorado… Indiana… Pennsylvania… Louisiana … Delaware… and Wisconsin.
  • We received messages from across the UK – England… Northern Ireland… Scotland… and Wales.
  • We heard from practically all the countries of Europe: France… Portugal… Spain… Germany… Italy… Austria… Greece… Poland… Hungary… Latvia… Estonia… and Slovenia… as well as from Scandinavia: Norway… Denmark… and Sweden. And, of course, from the Czech Republic!
  • We had feedback from remote destinations like Lanzarote in the Canary Islands and Mauritius and Madagascar off Africa.
  • In Asia, we heard from Malaysia… Indonesia… India… Sri Lanka… the Philippines… and Pakistan… to list a few of the countries.
  • Australia and New Zealand were also watching as well as Papua New Guinea in the South Sea Islands.
  • There were many emails from Africa including the nations of Nigeria… Cameroon…. Kenya… Zambia… Lesotho… Malawi… and especially South Africa.
  • Plus, we heard from towns one doesn’t hear of every day, like Bucharest, Romania; Orissa, India; Liepāja, Latvia; Iringa Tanzania; Skalica, Slovak Republic and Birzebbugia, Malta.

It seems the world was joining in this mass revival event, with the vision to see Europe saved and some viewers expressed their passion to see a Move of God come to their nation too.

  • “Praise God for releasing His love over Europe. When I was a missionary to Belgium I couldn’t have dreamed of seeing such a move of God. I’m delighted to see this happening in my lifetime Thank you for televising this amazing event.”– Ruthanne, San Antonio, Texas.
  • “I’m extremely blessed watching Awakening Europe. I can feel the mighty presence of God even watching online! Thank you for bringing this love to us.” – Jacob, Singapore.
  • “I am a Korean living in Europe. I was desperately seeking God’s Voice and I found GOD TV. I am constantly blessed by your programming especially when I hear Spirit-filled preachers like Todd White. I hope the next Awakening Europe will be held in Italy with a fresh wind of revival.” – Maxine, Italy.
  • “I just watched the Facebook live stream following Daniel Kolenda’s address this morning in Prague. He was proclaiming that the latter temple will be more glorious than the former. I feel blessed, touched by God and restored.” – Richard, UK.
  • “I felt the presence of God while watching Awakening Europe. When Ben Fitzgerald was praying I was healed from a sore throat. For two days I had been hoarse but the inflammation suddenly went away. May God keep moving all over the world!” – Francine, Madrid, Spain.


The event hashtag was widely used on social media especially on Twitter and we had thousands of comments on Facebook from users watching online from South America (Panama… Colombia… and Brazil…) to the Middle East (Kuwait… and the United Arab Emirates…). Some of the posts include:

  • “Awakening Europe, amazing stuff. Over 1000 people saved #Prague #awakening #AwakeningEurope…” – @MilfaitJ (Twitter)
  • “We pray for God to raise men and women full of the Holy Spirit for a revival in Europe greater than previous ones.” – Daniel, Colombia (Facebook)·
  • “Officially in love with @Jeremymriddle @Bethelmusic so amazing #AwakeningEurope #EuropeShallBeSaved #Prague– ” @Minaanggg‏ (Twitter)
  • “I went to Sweden last year. It was awesome. Thank God for social media and His power! Reinhard Bonnke is an amazing man and it was wonderful to hear him preaching the Gospel in my living room.” – Monica (Facebook)·
  • “God bless Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. 1000+ souls saved!! Thanks, @GODTV for the live broadcast. #AwakeningEurope.” – Ebi, Nigeria (Twitter)
  • “Go Prague! Way to show up! Take the baton and run with it! Thanks, Bethel tribe and GOD TV!” – Jane, Portland, Oregon. (Facebook)
  • @GODTV Jake Hamilton rocked the house. The Holy Spirit fell on Prague. #AwakeningEurope Todd White will take it home.” – Robert (Twitter)
  • “This is incredible. I’m crying watching this. The hunger of people reaching out for Jesus touches my heart. So awesome.” – Faith and Truth, (Facebook)
  • “I’m watching #AwakeningEurope from Cape Town, South Africa. It’s amazing to see my fellow teens praising Jesus @GODTV.” – Chloe (Twitter)

Watch Awakening Europe, Prague

What more can we say? These emails and social media posts tell the story! So, if you missed this special event on GOD TV watch Awakening Europe Prague on demand. Be challenged by Ben Fitzgerald, Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, Todd White, Paul Manwaring, Jean-Luc Trachsel and our dear Chinese brother Yun in Prague. Join in extended worship with Jeremy Riddle, Amanda Cook and Bethel Music; Jake Hamilton and band; and Daniel Hagen and the Fire Band.


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