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Baby Born With Missing Skull Miraculously Reaches His Third Birthday

Miracles still happen!

Baby Born With Missing Skull Miraculously Reaches His Third Birthday
Baby Born With Missing Skull Miraculously Reaches His Third Birthday

Baby Jaxon Buell was born with a partially missing skull, a rare condition called Anencephaly. Although the doctors predicted that he would only live for a few days outside of the womb, little Jaxon has been making leaps and bounds and has just celebrated his third birthday!

The Buell family

Jaxon is Brandon and Brittany Buell’s first baby. They were so overjoyed when they found that Brittany was pregnant four years ago, but at the 17-week ultrasound, they found out that something was going very wrong with their little one.

After finding out that Jaxon had a very serious condition with his skull, their doctor suggested they abort their baby at 23 weeks. Due to the extreme malformation of the baby inside the womb, they also predicted that Britany would not probably survive her pregnancy.

But despite the missing skull diagnosis of the doctors, the young couple remained steady and hopeful in giving their baby the chance to live.

Born with a missing skull

missing skull

Brittany underwent a C-section on August 27, 2014, and both she and her baby survived pregnancy and delivery!

Baby Jaxon spent his first three weeks in the neonatal ICU. Even after birth, the doctors had trouble fully diagnosing Jaxon’s condition. It wasn’t until he was brought to the Boston Children’s Hospital at two months old, having episodes of inconsolable screaming, multiple seizures, and feeding tube issues, that he was finally diagnosed with missing skull or Anencephaly.

Anencephaly – Missing Skull

Missing Skull

According to HealthLine, “Anencephaly is a congenital disability in which the brain and bones of the skull don’t form completely while the baby is in the womb. As a result, the baby’s brain, particularly the cerebellum, develops minimally. The cerebellum is the part of the brain primarily responsible for thinking, movement, and senses, including touch, vision, and hearing.”

Miracles still happen

According to doctors, there is no guarantee on how much longer Jaxon will continue to thrive knowing that because of his missing skull, he may not ever learn to walk, talk or even recognize when he is hungry.

But miracles happen every day! He has already defied many of the predictions of his doctors in his short 3-year-old life, and with God in the picture, there is no reason why we shouldn’t expect Him to continue to move on Jaxon’s behalf.

The story of baby Jaxon Buell is an encouragement and a reminder that miracles still happen. The goodness of God is immeasurable and unpredictable!

This article was written by: Joyca Lorriene

Reference: FaithPot


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