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‘Barak’ Or The Hebrew Word For Kneeling In Praise

‘Barak’ Or The Hebrew Word For Kneeling In Praise
‘Barak’ Or The Hebrew Word For Kneeling In Praise

Kneeling or bowing down before the Lord is a form of worship and praise to Him. Abraham, Moses, and David bowed down when they presented themselves before God. Even the elders and the four living creatures (Revelation 7:11) fell on their faces as they worship God on His throne. So, what is really “barak” or the Hebrew word for “kneeling”?

The Hebrew word, Barak

We have come to the fifth Hebrew word for praise in our series of studies about the dynamic meaning of praise in the Bible. Barak does not mean praise, but it means:

  1. To kneel
  2. To bless God as an act of adoration
  3. Or to salute and greet someone
  4. To yield to a king
  5. A continual conscious giving place to God

As in Psalm 95:6, “Come and let us worship and bow down; let us kneel (barak) before the Lord, our Maker.”

And Psalm 34:1, “I will bless (barak) the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

‘Barak’ is an act of reverence and acknowledgment that God is the God of our lives. We put Him high above all else and adoring Him for perfectly ruling over our life.

Just like David in 1 Chronicle 29:10 where he blessed (barak) God in the midst of the congregation. David yielded to God, recognized Him as the God of the people he was reigning over, and honored Him as the One who will sustain them. Even in his position as a king, he humbled himself and placed God as the highest role over their lives.

When we offer ‘barak’ praise unto God, it is presenting ourselves in a humble and submissive position, recognizing Him as our Lord and God. We bless God with our willing submission.

Therefore, we can actually praise God even though we find ourselves having no words to express our adoration. Just by kneeling and having a humble heart, we offer fragrant praise before God’s throne.

Reference: Youtube | Theo Heartsill


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