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How I learnt to be a worshipper and how you can too!

God has a plan for our lives, but in order to find it we must spend time with Him.

How I learnt to be a worshipper and how you can too!
How I learnt to be a worshipper and how you can too!
Kylé wrote and performed her first song at nine and hasn’t stopped since. She is a singer/songwriter from South Africa and vocal coach. Most importantly she is a worshipper and loves to lead others into God’s presence.

God has a plan for our lives, but in order to find that perfect place that He wants us to be in, we need to spend time with Him. Sometimes this means stripping away the noise and focusing only on His voice.

The angels worship God all the time and they are His helpers. How much more should we be worshipping God and singing His praises?  God loves our worship and as we worship He shows us who we are. IF GOD SAYS IT, HE MEANS IT and He will never leave us or forsake us!

We just need to embrace God’s plan, but it starts with worshipping Him with an open heart and childlike faith. We need to thank God in every circumstance. God honours your worship with childlike faith and gratefulness and His favourite word from us is THANK YOU.

Did you know that God is jealous of his worshippers? (Exodus 20 vs4-5 and Exodus 34v14)  He wants us to have nothing standing in the way of us worshipping Him with a whole heart. In fact, it is in this place of abandonment to Him that He will answer your prayers.

You need to trust God as if you already know with childlike expectancy that He is going to do a miracle. This happens when you sing as if you are in the Throne Room of Heaven, standing before God, thanking Him as if it is already done. (But always ensure you are praying His perfect will for your life.)

There can be nothing standing in the way between you and God. Why? Because we serve an awesome God who deserves all the glory, all the praise and all the honour – forever.  God wants us to be completely transparent before Him.

How I became a worshipper

In my first blog post I thought I’d share some of my journey of how I started worshipping God. As far back as I can remember, my dad and I used to kneel at my bed every night and pray. I spoke to my Heavenly Father from my heart. My prayers started out as typical children prayers.

Something like this: “Dear God, thank you for daddy, mommy, my sister, my grannies and grandpa. Thank you for a lovely day. Help me at school. Bless all those around me. I love You, Amen.” Of course, they were simple prayers. Prayers that came from my heart and that is something that we should never lose as we journey with God.

Of course, prayer is a key part of our spiritual development, but so is God’s Word. Mom used to teach me scriptures as a child. And my reading at school was so good because I would read from my little Gideon’s Bible that Dad gave me.

Conversations with God

I loved my little Bible. I can remember walking home from school, and I think that’s where my conversations with God started. You see, I wasn’t just praying to God as much as I was talking to God. I would thank God and tell Him how much I loved him.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8)

I loved the fact that I could talk to God and I knew He was always listening to me. I have kept that innocence with God to this day. I would talk to God about everything.  He was forever on my mind. As a child, I discovered the most amazing thing about God, that He gave His only son Jesus, to die for our sins. I took this very seriously. I would constantly thank God and praise Him.

In fact, I don’t remember the exact moment of giving my life to Jesus. I kind of already knew I was His and Jesus was already in my heart. I loved that Jesus could be in my heart cause I had opened the door to my heart. I had let Jesus into my heart. I found this amazing. Imagine Jesus living in my heart. How awesome was this?

I knew that God had a hedge of protection around me and so I always felt safe. I didn’t have many friends in school, so I would spend many lunchtimes talking to God. I would thank Him always. God was not only my God, but my friend, my companion and He had given me Jesus to also be my friend.

As a child, I remember wetting my bed at one point. I knew I’d done something wrong, so I ran outside. When my mother came outside to speak to me about it, I sang her the song, ‘Jesus love me, this I know’, but I replaced the words with Mommy loves me this I know! Well, my mom just laughed and all was forgiven, but the mattress still had to be aired!

I knew my parents loved me and I knew that Jesus was my Saviour and I would thank Jesus all the time for forgiving my sins. I thought this was amazing. I knew God really loved me.

His Song will be with me

“The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me—a prayer to the God of my life. (Psalm 42:8)

We had a piano in the house and as early as I could remember, I would play random notes and sing. Of course this wasn’t in tune and made no sense. I was singing to God and playing the piano with a smile in my heart and on my face. I am sure God smiled at this. But I am also really sure that’s why my parents sent me to piano lessons.

So when I wrote my first composition at nine years of age, I realised that this was what I was going to do with my life. I was going to write songs and sing. My first love was and is Jesus, and I knew I was called to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Little did I know then,  that this would be the beginning of me becoming a worshipper in God’s presence. That I would grow up to write songs, record albums and train worship leaders.

What’s on your heart today?

Do you have hurts, burdens and blocks that have been stopping you from connecting to God? I want to encourage you today, If you feel far from God, Try having a simple conversation with Him.

If you’ve never sung a song to God, then play a note, sing a song, even if it sounds out of tune.  It doesn’t matter. What matters is that God see’s your heart. And God has given you an instrument to praise Him with – YOUR VOCAL CORDS!

You were created in the image of God to worship Him, thank Him and give Him all the glory. I encourage you to fall in love with spending special worship times with God. He made you unique for a purpose. That purpose is God’s special imprint on your life. I know how complicated life can get, but God works everything out if we just trust Him.

My prayer for you today is to let the healing begin inside of you by using the power of praise and worship to and for our omnipotent and most awesome God. I pray you let the power of praise and worship elevate you into God’s glory for your life. Amen.

You are His Beloved!

This article was written by Kylé Adcock who is a singer songwriter based in South Africa. She studied singing at Trinity College, London and is a vocal coach at Kylé Music, raising up a new generation of recording artists and worship leaders.


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