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Learn How To Be Still and Teach Others To Be Still

An Interactive Group Bible Study of Psalm 46 from Moving Works

In todays’ busy world it’s so important to take time out to be still before God and encourage others to do so as well. A great way to be still is to participate in or lead a Bible study.

Moving Works provides interactive Bible study videos that are ideal for small groups or for family Bible study. A good example of one of their films is ‘Be Still’ which you can watch above. Moving Works also provides downloadable study guides with each of their films to help  facilitate discussion.

If you’ve been blessed watching this video, here is a simple outline of how you can easily lead a Bible study on Psalm 46 encouraging your group to learn how to be still and trust God.

Step 1

Download the Be Still discussion guide, This is meant to be used as a simple, three-step tool to help your small group dive deeper into God’s Word, nurture conversation, and draw your group nearer to Christ.

Download Study Guide

Step 2 – Pray

As a leader, begin your group in prayer by asking the Holy Spirit to lead your discussion.

Step 3 – Watch

Watch Be Still with your small group and allow time for reflection and observation after the film is finished.

Step 4 – Read

Read Psalm 46 out loud with your group and allow time for reflection and observation of the passage of Scripture.

5. Ask questions

  • Psalm 46 contains vivid imagery of suffering and devastation. How are these truths exhibited in our world and/or in your life?
  • When hardship comes in life, where do you seek refuge other than the presence of God and why?
  • List the attributes of God portrayed in Psalm 46. How do they compare to the alternative “places” you seek refuge in life?
  • In verse 10, God commands us to “Be still”. How does Christ’s finished work and the indwelling Holy Spirit enable you to do that?

Moving Works is a filmmaking ministry in Austin, TX. Visit their website for more interactive Bible Study films that you can download and share.

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