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Becoming A Victorious Family

“Nobody becomes victorious by wishing."

Becoming A Victorious Family
Becoming A Victorious Family

How can our family be a victorious family?

Victorious Family

In an episode of Hour Of Salvation, pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries reveals the key to becoming a victorious family. The first thing that we have to understand is that becoming a victorious family is a process of achieving victory. We can’t be triumphant if we haven’t gone through a process of change and we haven’t achieved victory yet.

“Becoming means the process of change. To become something means you have to go through a process… When it says victorious, it means having achieved a victory, you are not victorious if you have not achieved victory. It means to prevail, it means to triumph,” pastor David explained.


It is not a gift

It is not a gift from God, we can only become victorious if we are consciously towards it.

“Nobody becomes victorious by wishing, victory is not a gift. You consciously walk out your victory,” he added.

Pastor David then revealed that the key to victory in prayer. It is a simple yet powerful weapon that we can use to triumph over the enemy. Prayer is so powerful that it can change any situation.

“You can change any situation with prayers. If you don’t like the way life is taking your family, then turn it around with prayers. If you don’t like how things are happening, change the situation with prayers. Prayer is one effective weapon that is when applied, it brings change.”


We can become a victorious family if we pray as a family. Let us together defeat the enemy by calling unto the name of Jesus Christ who won the victory through the cross.

“The only thing Satan is afraid of is prayers. Once your family starts praying, He [God] comes in, he [Satan] will not come to us.”

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