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Becoming Merciful

Being merciful all depends on our perspective!

Becoming Merciful
Becoming Merciful

Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.” A dictionary meaning of mercy is “having compassion and forgiveness toward someone who is within our power to punish and harm.” 

When we are able to empathize with a person who has done us harm we are able to show them more mercy.

For example, when someone insults us and rejects us for a simple mistake we made. Then we can hold on to our peace knowing that this person has probably been damaged in the past by just this kind of treatment. 

Being merciful means understanding…

Coming to a place of understanding helps mightily in the process of forgiveness. 

The knowledge from God’s word that we are sinners also brings us to a place where we can be merciful in our attitude toward this person. 

With this open broad acceptance of people, in all walks of life and sin conditions, we can be merciful and receive mercy. 

It’s a different mindset from those who live by “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” In their mind, this form of treatment seems perfectly fair.

They desire fairness for themselves and fairness in theory for others. But without the compassion inherent in the golden rule it often becomes a cold judgment. A judgment that says: “They should get what is coming to them.”

This type of thinking is behind the concept of karma: If you do bad things to others, bad things will happen to you. If you do good things to others, you will have good things happen to you. It’s the idea that in the future, there will be punishment for bad deeds and rewards for good deeds. The trouble is we have all done bad or sinful things. My sins are not better or worse than anyone else’s, so it is a level playing field. 

We as Christians don’t live by “karma”; we live by grace!

Getting free of these judgmental attitudes can bring us to a place of awareness of our own hearts. We become aware of when our attitudes turn to a negative place.

When we are positive, we are strong; not negative and needy.

We walk with hope, we are able to conquer the difficulties that come our way.

When we are positive and strong,  people are actually attracted to us and want to be around us.

We can all learn to handle negative events with hope, positivity, understanding and love. It all depends on our perspective!

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