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Being Present

Being Present
Being Present

Dirty kids that need baths. Dinner on the stove. Emails coming in on our phones. Dogs barking to be fed. Horse waiting for dinner. “To Do” list with 25 things to get done. Deadlines coming up. Grass in the backyard up to my knees. This is our life.

Seth and I live a normal life. We have lots of things that always need to be done and seemingly not enough time to do them all. If you’ve met Seth, you know he is a high-energy person. Always happy and always on the go. He rarely sits still. I am a do-er. Give me a list, and I will get it done. Put Seth and I together, and sometimes you get a whirlwind of activity and energy. Bad? Nope. It’s amazing to watch us work together.

Personally, as a “do-er” who loves to accomplish things, I am amazing at getting things done. I’m efficient. I do things excellently so I won’t have to do them again. I’m thorough. Problem is, I’m not always present to what’s important. My mind moves very quickly as I sort through what to do next. I struggle with living in the present… living in the moment.

My weakness is being too efficient. Too thorough. Too fast. Kris Vallotton says, “Any strength overemphasized becomes a weakness.” I’ve always struggled slowing down. I live a lot of my life in the future. Thinking about what’s next. Honestly, I spend most of my day thinking about the most efficient way to get a lot of things done.


I understand not everyone is wired like me. Thank goodness! The world would be a scary place if that were true. But what is it that keeps you from being present? Is it bringing work home with you? Is it social media and the internet? Is it always dreaming of what “could” be? It is dwelling on hurts and mistakes in your past?

What helps ground you? What can you cut out or add in that helps you stay present? Everyone is different. The things I do work for me, but they may not work for you. Is being present something that isn’t happening for you right now?  Take some time and effort thinking and processing what you can do to change it.

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