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The Real Meaning Of Being Transformed By God

“Where God is at work in our life, God’s grace is at work in our life."

The Real Meaning Of Being Transformed By God
The Real Meaning Of Being Transformed By God

What does being transformed by God really mean?


Christy Wimber, author, and speaker explains how God is transforming us as she talks about her newly released book, “Transformed.” She highlighted in the beginning that where God is at work in our life, there is His grace. We can see His grace at work in the areas of our life that we have surrendered to Him.

“Where God is at work in our life, God’s grace is at work in our life,” Christy said.

God is providing us with what we need to be able to transform into the person He wanted us to be. If we are desiring a transformation, we can find it in the Lord. All we need is Him.

“When you talk about transformation or being transformed in any way, it’s not just this thing we’re kind of just getting through life, there’s provision… Our God is so provisional that He gives us just what we need at the right time to form us in the ways that He wants to form us. It’s just who He is,” she added.



Being transformed by God is not just about the end goal, it’s all about the journey. It’s in the process where true transformation happens. We just need to be willing to go through the process that is oftentimes not as easy as we thought it would be. But surely, the Lord is with us throughout that journey.

“Transformation is not a destination but it’s really saying yes to a journey. This is just making a decision that I’m going to yield to the Lord.”

The real meaning of being transformed by God is not being stronger, but being more surrendered to Him. It’s not being able to stand strong whatever life throws at us, but is more dependent on His plans for us. A life fully surrendered to the Lord is a life transformed for His glory.

“What I’ve realized about God transforming me is that it’s not just about becoming stronger, it has nothing to do with that. It’s about learning to become more surrendered.”

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