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Beth Moore’s Advice To Her Younger Self

Hindsight is always 20/20!

Beth Moore’s Advice To Her Younger Self
Beth Moore’s Advice To Her Younger Self

In a recent Twitter post, Beth Moore shares her answer to a question she often gets in interviews, “If you could go back and advise your 20-year-old self, what would you say?”  Her answer is honest, playful, and candid.

Beth Moore is most popularly know for her impact on women and the bible studies she has written for them.  Thousands of women’s lives have been transformed through her work.  Breaking Free, Believing God, and Jesus, The One and Only are just few of the power series she has written.

Lasting impact

As a new Christian, I remember reading one of Beth Moore’s books and a story she shared has stuck with me ever since!  In this story, she revealed how had God confronted her deepest fear – divorce.  Beth explained that she had no evidence or reason to believe that her husband would leave, but as a newly married woman something inside of her screamed with fear.  One day while spending time with the Lord, He asked her, “What would happen if he did divorce you?”

She played out the scenario in her mind.  It would be devastating.  She would have to cling to God and His word like never before. Beth imagined the loneliness, pain, and rejection she would feel and crying out to the Lord for help.  It would be the most horrible, terrible thing of her life, but she realized that with God she would make through.  This realization is what set her free from her fear of divorce!

This is just an example of the many, many stories that have touched lives through Beth Moore’s ministry!

Advice to her younger self

Beth’s advice to her 20-year-old self is full of wisdom and grace,  There are many things she could have said, but her response highlights what wisdom has revealed is important,

beth moore

She’s right.  Life does get really, really ugly some times.  We need Jesus..and when Jesus is in the picture we have something to hold on to, someone that will be with us through the ugly moments of life.

Just like He confronted Beth’s irrational fear of divorce, what “ugly” area of your life is He wanting to make beautiful?

In Beth’s words, “…you’ll make it. Just hold on.”

Image Source: Thom S. Rainer


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