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“Beyond The Bolted Door” A Journey To Freedom

We all have a story to tell that someone else needs to hear. This is mine.


Beyond The Bolted Door is my first published book, and one I never intended to write. Really, it was a story that was writing itself on the walls of my broken soul. A bolted door represents the past – an ugly past of sexual abuse – something that has exiled us on the outside, or kept us captive on the inside; we can be ensnared, imprisoned, silenced and ultimately destroyed if what is beyond the bolted door is never faced.

My intended reader is ages 16 and up. I write like I talk (conversationally), so I feel it is easy enough for a teen to understand. It is an easy read of 158 pages, and meant to gently help open doors and insert hope! Sexual abuse is a delicate, tough subject matter so I am very careful to be sensitive and authentic, with hope intertwined between every line. Pain, purpose and hope is the heart of the book.

This book is MY declaration of independence from the secret of having been a victim of sexual abuse, and the freedom I have found in Jesus Christ. It is time, and past time for victims to become the full, beautiful versions of ALL God meant for them to be.

Chapter Overview

Beyond the Bolted DoorChapter 1 – Stories Shine Like The Stars
ALL of our stories, just like stars, shine on long after the lifetime of the people who experienced them. Learning from others is exactly what stories can help us do, especially when we hear from their own authentic experiences.

Chapter 4 – The Rape Of Princess Tamar
Down through the halls of history there have been millions of Tamars. Someone abused them, tossed them out, and bolted the door shut behind them, leaving them alone with all the pain, all the secrets, and all the shame.

Chapter 9 – “I’ll Protect You Fair Maiden”
I met my husband Jack at college; he passed away in 2004/we had 6 children. Up until we married I had been tormented by my past, but under Jack’s covering I finally found peace. When he died though, it tossed me right back to where I began – the day before we married.

Chapter 12 – My Deepest Fault Lines
In earthquake country, it is the turmoil you can NOT see happening underneath the surface that is so scary, so threatening, and so hard to read with the natural eye. This is the cryptic setting for earthquakes on the earth, AND deep in our own souls.

Chapter 20 – To A Thousand Generations
Like the blind man who got back his sight and proclaimed, “I was blind but NOW I see!”, I would assume that after being blind you would WANT everyone to know! Once all the scales are off your eyes, you can NOW proceed with glorious intention and purpose to leave behind a lasting legacy that will endure and will remain.


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