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A Fresh Look Into Bible Prophecy, the Rapture and it’s Importance in God’s Word

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A Fresh Look Into Bible Prophecy, the Rapture and it’s Importance in God’s Word
A Fresh Look Into Bible Prophecy, the Rapture and it’s Importance in God’s Word

Bible Prophecy is an important part of God’s Word, especially for Christians living in what many consider to be the End Times. For several years GOD TV has examined the topic from diverse perspectives examining how the future could enfold. Many preachers have talked about the need to speak with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. Today we have so many alternative sources of news, but still only one Bible.

Apocalypse and the End Times is one of GOD TV’s most popular original productions, offering differing perspectives on what Scripture foretells will happen in the future and equipping believers to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ.

The long running series is hosted by Paul McGuire who chats to Bible prophecy experts with views on the Rapture of the Church that range from Pre-Trib to Post-Trib! Paul is an internationally acclaimed writer and commentator. He has authored several books including The Day The Dollar Died and is often featured on Fox News and CNN. He has produced feature films and is a professor at The King’s College where he teaches on ‘Israel and Armageddon.’

Apocalypse and the End Times can be watched online at GOD.TV including these highlights from the past two series.

Series 6

  • Paul McGuire and Doug Stauffer of Partners for Truth Ministries in Knoxville, Tennessee examine views of The Rapture, presenting reasons why they think it will occur before the Tribulation. They also look at how believers can live free from fear despite shakings in the earth. 
  • Brent Miller, co-producer of The Final Prophecies and Decoding the Future reveals the importance of understanding the Book of Revelation.
  • Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries and Paul McGuire look at the Post-Tribulation Rapture encouraging Christians to persevere and endure through times of great turmoil. They examine how believers can be prepared for persecution and even martyrdom in the Last Days.
  • For years, Anthony Patch has researched physics, cosmology, biology, computer science and theology. He talks to Paul McGuire about science in relation to prophecy, including Transhumanism. Could a Luciferian System have penetrated mainstream circles? Learn how Christians must embrace God’s truth in the face of evil. They also discuss how discoveries like the CERN Hadron Collider reveal a union between science and New Age religion and they urge believers not to be deceived.
  • Thomas Ice of The Pre-Trib Research Centre looks at how Genesis helps believers understand Bible Prophecy and he and Paul McGuire discuss five institutions that express God’s order for society. These include individual responsibility, marriage, family, government and nationalism. They observe how chaos results when man is disobedient to God’s order.
  • Financial expert, Benjamin Baruch discusses the new technology that could be leading the world into global government and how churches must teach Bible prophecy to give people hope. They also look at how society is crumbling in different ways and how believers need to come out of the Babylonian system and trust God for their protection.

Series 5

  • Episodes 1 to 4 of Series 5 focus on the global economy as Paul McGuire talks to Wesley Wright and Richard Werner about the world’s economic system and how God’s approach to finance is so different to the objectives of the cashless society of One World Government. Find out about Quantitative Easing and how the world’s banking system is tied to usury and produces slavery. Discover how God’s Word can bring freedom, when applied to economics.
  • Former FBI Police investigator, Bob Cornuke uses his detective skills to challenge viewers to search the scriptures regarding the location of Biblical archeological sites. He reveals how archeology verifies the events of the Bible, pointing towards man’s need to find safety in Jesus Christ.
  • Billy Crone of Get A Life Ministries talks to Paul McGuire about Artificial Intelligence (AI) observing that drones and robotic soldiers have turned science-fiction into a reality. He and Paul McGuire urge viewers to be salt and light in the face of prevailing darkness, including terrifying new military technologies. 
  • Evangelist Dan Goodwin uses the Hebrew calendar to bring revelation about the timing of End Time events and how they are tied to the feasts of Israel and the three main harvests. Discover the meaning of the barley harvest and how the feeding of the 5000 paints a picture of the future rapture of the Church.
  • The co-author of The Babylon Code with Paul McGuire, Troy Anderson draws from substantive hard research to reveal the reality of the Illuminati as seen in today’s world. They expose secret societies, their Luciferian connections, and agenda to move political events towards globalisation and One World government.

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