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Bibles Found Untouched In The Rubble After Nashville Tornadoes

Such an amazing sight!

Bibles Found Untouched In The Rubble After Nashville Tornadoes
Bibles Found Untouched In The Rubble After Nashville Tornadoes

Volunteers found several Bibles untouched amongst the debris left by the tornadoes that damaged structures in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the early morning of Tuesday, March 3, tornadoes struck Nashville, Tennessee. They destroyed a number of homes, churches, businesses, and other structures. And unfortunately, the death toll from the tragedy reached 25 on March 5, according to Christian Headlines.

Aftermath Of Tornadoes

On March 4, in the aftermath of the Tennessee storm, responders, rescue personnel and volunteers went to ground zero. USA Today reported that these people went to the “hard-hit neighborhoods” to unearth belongings and mementos to help the victims. So they sifted through the debris in every home in that neighborhood.

Pocket Bible Stops A Bullet And Saves The Life Of Police Officer

And Bibles were among the debris. One Bible had the owner’s name inscribed on it along with a date. Perhaps the recipient received the Holy book as a birthday present or during a remarkable event in his life.

The storm took 18 lives in Putnam County. It is where the tornadoes struck hardest. And its is also one of the places where a responder found a Bible. Officer Denton of the Sparta Police Department has said to have found the Bible unharmed.

“There’s not a page gone in this Bible,” Office Denton told Amanda Hara of TV station WVLT. “It’s a family Bible. We’d like to find out whose family Bible it was.”

Bibles Unharmed

These searching crews are reported to have been “collecting items like that Bible and will try to get it back to the rightful owners. Officials said crews found two other Bibles, also untouched.”

Moreover, the officer revealed that he found a Bible that “had been presented to Mary Evelyn Randalph (or Randelph) in 1946.” And he asked the WVLT reporter to help him find its owner.

“You guys have a better shot at getting them back to their rightful owners than we do,” he told Amanda during the live report from the disaster area.

And a lot of more Bibles were found in the rubble of homes, churches, and structures around Nashville, Tennessee.

The city has been more likely referred as “buckle of the Bible Belt.” Because it is the home of over 700 churches.

Source: Christian Headlines

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