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Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

We are all poor in spirit, in need of Christ's love, help and salvation!

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit
Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

The word “poor” in the Beatitudes indicates a sense of meekness, but actually it means the realization of being a needy or poor person. A minister, who is also a psychologist, once said that, “In the psychology of Jesus, it is the one who has a problem that receives the Master’s attention.”

How often do we say that God rushes to the one who is in need? However, Jesus’s approach could be more accurately described as: “God rushes to a person who recognizes and acknowledges His need.” The poor in spirit are actually already people of the Kingdom of God, for there is no one in His Kingdom who is NOT poor in spirit, and needing Jesus’s salvation.

We cannot be filled unless we are empty

Remember, we did not achieve our salvation, but rather we received it as a gift from God – through faith. In the same way, we should not ignore the cry of our spirit, when we feel the need to be filled. Instead of neglecting our spirit’s needs, let us inquire about them, understanding the struggles we are going through and then openly acknowledge to the Lord that we need His help. This attitude will immediately allow the Lord to show His favor. Just as Paul admitted he found strength in his weaknesses.

Congratulations to the ones who are humble and willing enough to recognize their needs – for they are candidates for the help of God.

Join me in this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, Abba, Daddy, you love us so much. However, at times our attitude blocks You from coming near to us. Forgive our approach, Daddy. Holy Spirit, we acknowledge our weakness and pray for your guidance. Lord, help us to be obedient children of yours. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

This article was written by Avish Petras.

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