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God Rescues Boat Crashed In Alligator-Infested Waters

God intervenes to save them!

God Rescues Boat Crashed In Alligator-Infested Waters
God Rescues Boat Crashed In Alligator-Infested Waters

A boat crashed and flipped in the middle of the night in alligator infested waters as two men rushed over to rescue their grandson. It could’ve been the end for them if God didn’t show up and answered their desperate cries.

Boat Flips Over

On father’s day weekend in 2016, Mike Turner’s grandson, Landon, drove in a boat that broke down in the swamps near Baton Rouge. Landon called his grandfather and asked for his help. And soon after, Mike and his friend Billy who previously had heart surgery, launched into the boat charging towards Landon.

Miracle in Alligator infested waters
YouTube | 700 Club Interactive

The bright moonlit night became Mike and Billy’s light that late night while driving the boat. They could see everything but the stumps in the water that were submerged about six inches. The boat ran about 38 miles an hour, and then it hit something and flipped over.


Instantly, Mike found himself in the waters trapped under the boat while the impact tossed Billy away from the boat. Both struggled to breathe and prayed for their lives. But God did a miracle that they were eventually able to rest in the capsized hull.

“How we made it through the initial wreck without getting hurt, only God knows,” Mike attested.

Alligator Infested Waters

But a new problem surfaced after Mike shone a flashlight into the waters. Tons of alligators surrounded them. All Mike and Billy could do at that moment was to pray harder, trusting God for His intervention.

Meanwhile, Landon sensed something wrong had happened to his grandfather along the way. And so he prayed to God to get his motor started. And the next time Landon tried to start the engine, it miraculously cranked. He drove towards the boat launch and indeed saw Mike and Billy resting in the capsized hull.

God never left them behind. If not for His intervention, the accident would have ended awry.

“It was God,” Mike testified.

Hear the entire story in the video below!

YouTube | 700 Club Interactive

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