Brave Young Woman Claims Victory Over Terminal Cancer In A Powerful Facebook Post | God TV

Brave Young Woman Claims Victory Over Terminal Cancer In A Powerful Facebook Post

"Though the sorrow may last for the night, His joy comes with the morning"

Brave Young Woman Claims Victory Over Terminal Cancer In A Powerful Facebook Post
Brave Young Woman Claims Victory Over Terminal Cancer In A Powerful Facebook Post

Ewing sarcoma

In May 2018, a bubbly young woman named Ereka Rosales was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The news about her condition was a complete shock to Ereka. She was told she had Stage 3 Ewing Sarcoma – a type of malignant tumor that forms out of certain cells in bone or soft tissue.

“My brain definitely decided to shut down with the thoughts of the words malignant, cancer, survival rate, chemotherapy, death, etc,” Ereka wrote in a Facebook post.  “Words that were mere medical terms usually encountered in books and articles but which I never imagined I would have to confront.

“I’ve watched other people struggle with it, yes, but never have thought I would be in such a situation. I never thought I’d have cancer. But guess what, life has a surprising way to slap those ‘nerves’ onto your face head on.”

Ereka’s faith in God

The 24-year-old has been in and out of hospital following her diagnosis. She has had to undergo chemotherapy and a series of hospital procedures. With everything that was happening, Ereka suffered from depression and anxiety, but then God brought hope into her situation.

“Truly, God is faithful to be found by those who seek Him. I would have fallen away with depression as the disease consumed me, but my good, good Father redeemed me! He has revealed Himself to me in such a deeper, personal level.

“And I have been experiencing His love, mercy and grace throughout this season of my life. Wave after wave. He is my confidante. My source of strength. My source of hope. He is the illuminating light at the end of the tunnel I am in.

“I’m so grateful that our Saviour doesn’t let us fight our battles alone. God knew I needed help and I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with such wonderful people in my life. I was given a second chance to fight back against cancer. To take back what cancer has taken away from me,” she added.


Ereka’s smile

Just a week ago, Ereka was again rushed to hospital. Her vital signs were not good but she knows God is with her and is still managing to smile, despite the circumstances.

“I was rushed to hospital last May 29. Things happened so unexpectedly fast that day. Upon arrival, my vital signs were not good. Heart rate shot up to 144 which was way above the normal 60-90. My blood pressure dropped to 70/40.

“I was hurriedly given fast drops to keep me hydrated. I was also given Voluven to help me compensate my blood pressure after several times of trying to improve it but to no avail and then I was put on oxygen.

“I was advised to have a blood transfusion, AGAIN. Good thing my temperature was good and I was conscious. Praise God I was even able to smile for a picture while trying out the oxygen. God’s grace,” Ereka stated in a recent Facebook post.


Ereka’s fight with terminal cancer bravely continues and she is claiming the victory in Jesus Christ over ‘terminal cancer’. You can clearly see in her Facebook posts how she has held on to her faith in God throughout her ordeal. A faith such as this is what we all need. A faith that still praises God despite whatever pain and sorrow we face.

Let us all join the courageous Ereka in her fight with cancer through our prayers. You can also help Ereka through her GoFundMe campaign. A prayer and some financial support for this brave soul would mean so much.

Reference: Facebook | Ereka Dangdang Rosales

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