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Break Free From Limitations And Overflow In Abundance

Abundant Life

Break Free From Limitations And Overflow In Abundance
Break Free From Limitations And Overflow In Abundance

We are all limited in our potential due to the restrictions that we place on ourselves and others. We are programmed into believing less of ourselves than what God intended for us. These limitations are ingrained within us from early childhood. Our environment reinforces some of these beliefs. If we have experienced trauma and lack then this too works against us. We judge ourselves through the negative lens of our experiences.

God sees our true potential and is calling us out of our limitations into His abundance. People have broken records because they were unaware of limitations or did not care. We too can break records when we operate in God who is limitless. How do we do this?


God planned before the foundation of the world that you and I were created for a purpose. The devil works to destroy His plan. We have to cooperate, therefore, with God, and destroy the devil’s plans. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). We need to be aware of both God and of the devil. In all situations, we need to make a choice to follow God or give in to the devil. The world, the flesh, and the devil all conspire to defeat us. However, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are on our side. They work to help us in our time of need. Angels were sent to make sure we fulfill our purpose on Earth. They are ministering spirits who work for us. So now we have a course of action: to live by His Word of salvation and operate in His abundance.


Operating in overflow requires us to be filled by His Spirit to overflowing. Jesus promised to send His Spirit to help us in our walk. He has not left us alone but His Helper helps us in our weakness. We have all the weapons we need to combat the devil and defeat him. Jesus denied Himself, took up His Cross, and was crucified. His followers have to take up their crosses and follow Him. There is no other way to live in the overflow. During these days, we have to choose whom we will follow. I choose to follow Jesus. Will you choose to follow Him? There is no greater life than living for Him who sacrificed everything for us. This is our privilege and honor to do so. Come and operate in the overflow and be an overcomer.

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