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Author Found Breakthrough After Battling Cancer And Losing His Wife

"The process is as important as the promise."

Author Found Breakthrough After Battling Cancer And Losing His Wife
Author Found Breakthrough After Battling Cancer And Losing His Wife

Author James Goll shares how he found a breakthrough after his battle against cancer and after losing his wife because of cancer.

James Goll

In an episode of Equipping The Saints with Che Ahn, the Director of Prayer Storm, James Goll, shared about his process of healing from tough times. He shared how he fought for his breakthrough and how God gave him the comfort he needed.

“Most breakthrough that comes and you’re able to maintain is when you actually fight for it,” James shared.

The process

The process is as important as the end goal. During the process of our healing and breakthrough, we get to experience how God moves in our lives and we get to know the purpose of the promise.

“Understanding that the process is as important as the promise,” he emphasized. “We often see the big download or the big breakthrough, the promise as the end-goal. But we can see that there’s as much or even more of the purpose of God in the process of becoming.”



After his painful experience of losing his wife and his own battle with cancer, he let the Holy Spirit bring healing into his heart and even his thoughts. That was when he started to see new hope in his life.

“I have had the Holy Spirit bring me healing in my thought life, in my memories,” James recalled. “Then I started doing things intentionally that would develop new patterns of hope.”


James then ended his message by assuring the viewers that God’s comfort during these tough times will be upon us. There will be breakthroughs after this storm.

“We each go through difficult times, I know that the God of all comfort will comfort you to help you turn around and give that same comfort.”

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