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Brian Houston: The Far Reach of Hillsong Ministries

Building the Kingdom of God to see people fulfill their purpose and calling

Brian Houston: The Far Reach of Hillsong Ministries
Brian Houston: The Far Reach of Hillsong Ministries

Brian Houston grew up in a Christian home. His parents pastored an Assemblies of God Church in New Zealand. After school, he attended Bible college, met his wife, Beni, and they were married in 1977. They have three children, and all of them are active in their fathers Ministry. Joel is the eldest and is a worship leader and lead singer of United as well as co-pastor of Hillsong NYC. Ben is the lead pastor of Hillsong Los Angeles in California, and Laura is pastor of the Youth ministry of Hillsong and member of the band Young and Free.

Brian Houston & Ministry

Brian Houston started Hills Christian Life Center in 1983. He rented a hall that was part of a school to conduct services. That small church grew exponentially over the next fifteen years, and Hillsong grew into a household name. We see the ministry on television, hear their music on the radio, and see the impact Christ has far and wide.

Some of these ministries include:

      • Hillsong Church – Located in the northwestern suburbs of Sydney, Houston saw a need and was compelled by God to fill it. He first began with a congregation of about 45 people. Today the church, now known as Hillsong Church, regularly sees 100,000 attendees weekly.
      • Hillsong TV – Brian Houston shares empowering messages through God Word in this thirty-minute program. It is aired in over 180 countries to over 10 million people.
      • Hillsong Channel – Launched in 2016, it is similar to GOD TV. A station that broadcasts not only Hillsong programs, but other well-known ministers like T.D. Jakes, and Dr. David Jeremiah.
      • Hillsong Music
            • Worship (Australia) – This group is the worship team for Hillsong Church. They were the door that opened to the United States with songs like, “Shout to the Lord,” “Jesus, Lover of My Soul,” “Power of Your Love,” and most recently, “What a Beautiful Name.”
          • United – Joel Houston, Brian Houston’s oldest son, began as a bassist for the group and made his way to frontman in 2012. This group tours worldwide and is known for songs like, “Touch the Sky,” and “Oceans (Where My Feet May Fail).”
          • Young and Free – Young and Free is the Youth ministry worship team. They have also made an impact on the world stage with their music. Their album Youth Revival was nominated for a Grammy in 2016. “Falling into You” is one of the singles.
      • Events – In addition to their massive local outreach, Hillsong holds conferences across the globe. Most are ministry-based, giving encouragement and teaching future leaders how to effectively spread the Gospel through preaching, evangelism, and music. Other conferences are targeted at groups. The Colour Conference is aimed at young women and encouraging them to be all they can be in Christ. 

Brian Houston

Pastor and Author

Brain Houston has served as pastor of Hillsong Church for 35 years. He is considered one of the top figures that is helping mold the next generation into their ministry calling. He is called “a pastor who loves God and people, and a speaker of life who declares, ‘The best is yet to come.’”

He has authored over a dozen books including, “There is More,” “How to Make Wise Decisions,” and “Get a Life.”  He has appeared on national news programs such as FOX News, ABC News, and The Today Show.

Today’s Message from Brian Houston

Brian Houston has been involved in ministry his entire life. From a solid Christian upbringing through a father who was a Pastor to where he is now, a world-known ministry leader. God has used him to impact several generations of believers; not only in their personal calling but to be an effective leader to teach the next generation.

You can experience God’s powerful message through Pastor Houston through:

Hillsong Channel is a 24/7 station that broadcasts Hillsong ministry programs as well as programs from nationally known ministers.

Hillsong TV can be found through GOD TV OnDemand. These are the teachings of Brian Houston broadcast from Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia

Hillsong TV also airs live on GOD TV Live at 3 PM EDT on Sundays


Written by Brian Houston

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