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Buddhist Woman Encounters Jesus In A Dream

Jesus saved this woman!

Buddhist Woman Encounters Jesus In A Dream
Buddhist Woman Encounters Jesus In A Dream

A Buddhist woman living in darkness for over three decades encounters Jesus in a dream!

The “real” God

In December 2015, Joyce Choy cried out to all gods and goddesses – any god she could think of – Buddha, Kwan, Allah, Yin, and Jesus. She challenged them to show her who was the real God and threatened to end her life otherwise.

A month later, the real God, Jesus Christ, revealed Himself to Joyce in a dream. But she didn’t understand the dream and failed to recognize who was with her in that dream.

“I dreamed of a man in white robe taking my hand to walk with him. There were few men walking behind us wearing light brown robes. I remembered the ancient city where he took me to walk with him,” she wrote.

After the dream, Joyce was traumatically tormented by darkness a countless number of times. She couldn’t take it anymore so she desperately cried out to God for help. That’s when God used a college friend to invite her to come to church.

The truth about her dream

After a service one Sunday, Joyce finally shared the dream she had in January 2016.

“I came home to look for a movie about Jesus Christ. It was the same scene I saw in my dream. Then I saw the man in a white robe. I didn’t believe it until Jesus carried the cross and I saw the ancient city the man in white robe took me to walk with him in my dream,” she recalled.

As she shared, it was then she finally understood that Jesus was the man who walked with her in the dream.

Today, Joyce is now enjoying a personal relationship with Jesus and sharing about Jesus with others. Joyce was once a Buddhist woman who has been completely transformed by the redeeming power of Jesus Christ!

Written by Gail Marvel.

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Reference: Believer’s Portal 

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