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A Builder Generation: The Preparation For Building

A New Builder Generation Is Born

A Builder Generation: The Preparation For Building
A Builder Generation: The Preparation For Building

It’s is interesting to note that I have been sharing this year about this season and time for building. As I write this, I recall a conversation I was having with one of God’s anointed prophets for this day. As we were talking, God began to allow me to share some prophetic insights. He was downloading to me insights that I believe are pertinent to now. It has much to do with where we are and where we are headed. It is a new Builder Generation. 

For those who may not recall, back in 2016, I shared in two separate posts about four unique generations of Americans; they are the Builders, Boomers, Busters, and Bridgers. I first learned of this distinct classification of generations through reading Thom Rainer’s book entitled The Bridger Generation: America’s Second Largest Generation, What They Believe, How to Reach Them. In that book, he identifies these four historic generations, their significance and contribution to America, and the importance to reach the generation known as the Bridger generation.  

Builder Generation And Other Groups

As a refresher, let me review each generation. Beginning with the Builder Generation, they are the people who were born between the years of 1922 to 1942. This is the generation that lived through the great depression and the aftermath of the First World War. Next, is the Boomer Generation. As the name suggests, this is the generation of the vast number of births between the years of 1942 and 1962. My parents actually fall into this category. If I’m completely accurate, my father falls between the builder and boomer generation, as he was born in the overlapping year. The Boomer generation is not just known for their size, but also having gone through the Second World War. 

Buster Generation

The generation that followed this is the Buster Generation. More commonly known as Generation X, these are the ones born between 1962 and 1982. This is the generation to attend desegregated schools, were the beneficiaries of the Civil Rights movement, and experience the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Finally, comes the Bridger generation born between 1982 to 2002 which is classified as the Bridger generation. This generation came through the Gulf Wars, 9/11, and are among the beginning generation of parents of those born into the 21st century. 

The significance of this Bridger generation is only now being realized to its fullest. However, what I believe is the greatest thing that God is highlighting in this season in which we are in right now is that this Bridger generation is becoming the generation that will birth forth the next generation of Builders. As we are well aware, God often works through seasons and cycles.  

Bridger Leaders

I believe God is signaling this Bridger generation.  They are now coming of age as emerging leaders and are the very ones to birth that new Builder generation. It is interesting the country is led by a president that is a renowned builder. He’s even been affectionately referenced as the Builder in Chief, as he is working to set the country back on a track for building for the future. I believe the generation that is not just born between 2002 to 2022 but even beyond is the generation that God is raising up as the new Builder Generation. This is the generation that will do many things. They will reaffirm, reestablish, restore, and to create what has yet to be. 

Time For The Builder Generation

God is calling especially for the Buster and Bridger generations to prepare these building ones. So that they have the tools necessary for building. Now more than ever, this is the time for equipping them. They will be the architects to take the generations that follow them where the nation has not yet been. Now is a time for seeking God for the blueprint plans, strategies, and ideas that will enable them to see. Write the vision for them to take it a run. Prepare the way for the new building generation. 

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