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Building For The New Year And Beyond

As the new year presents both the ending of a thing and the beginning of a thing!

Building For The New Year And Beyond
Building For The New Year And Beyond

The year 2020 is quickly approaching and are you thinking about what you will be building in new season? As the new year presents both the ending of a thing and the beginning of a thing, it speaks to the gravity of what is to come. However, as we are a people whom God has given us the power and ability to create, design, establish, order and produce; we must acknowledge that a great deal of preparation must go into that so that where we go, we can go with as much thoughtfulness so that we might fulfill it. 

Building Will Require Vision

Scripture tells us that there is a necessity for vision. As 2020 is a number that is associate with having perfect vision or clarity of vision, it behooves us to focus on vision, as this is an essential part for building what we’ve been called to do in this new year and decade.

As God is not only the author and giver of vision, it is our responsibility to write out the vision we’ve been given, so that we might be effective in producing it (Habakkuk 2:2-3). We see that the necessity of writing out vision is 1) those who have to run with the vision must be able to relay a proper message to others; 2) the vision is oriented for a future yet to be; and 3) it is also something that keeps attention focused on progress until it has become fulfilled. So, solidify your vision for what you desire the new year and decade to be. 

Building Will Require Tools

It is difficult to build anything if you don’t have the necessary tools to accomplish what you hope to build. If you don’t have the proper tools, you’ll find yourself ill-equipped to finish and become frustrated by the process. People who build cars, buildings, businesses, or works of art must have tools at their ready in order to complete what they hope to build. Tools are required for anyone who is building Michaelangelo, Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, and Walt Disney all required certain tools to fulfill their callings. If you need education, a new language, a certain experience, then commit to acquiring those things so that you can build without delay. 

Building Will Require Resources

Jesus stated that no one commits to building a tower without first counting the cost (see Luke14:28). There is a cost to building. Whether you are building your physique, a home, a life, a family, a business, or a ministry it will cost you something. It requires resources so that you can meet the demands of building it. King David had hoped to build a temple for God. God told David he could not build the temple. This did not deter him. 

David laid out the plan to have it done through his son. He gathered all of te necessary finances and things that Solomon would eventually require. We too must count the costs. What do we need and what must we give up to go after what we hope to gain? However you choose to go about this for what you hope to build in the year(s) to come, make sure that you do it so that there are no regrets. 

Make sure that you give yourself the best opportunity to build a great and wonderful future. It’s completely open to you. God designed you for it and He put the ability in you to see it.

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