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Burmese Leader Who Experienced An Extraordinary Miracle Is Leading His Village To Christ

The Great Commission – We're laboring together, in love

Burmese Leader Who Experienced An Extraordinary Miracle Is Leading His Village To Christ
Burmese Leader Who Experienced An Extraordinary Miracle Is Leading His Village To Christ

Everyone loves to hear the story of an extraordinary miracle and working in media I have the privilege of hearing some of the most God-honoring testimonies. These are such an encouragment to me in my work with One Jam Nation and as we work with other ministries through the radio airwaves, in sharing the Gospel around the world. Testimonies, and especially those of an extraordinary miracle, challenge us in our calling to fulfill the Great Commission, and this one from Burma / Myanmar is one that I’ve been encouraged to share.

The story is of a Burmese village leader who experienced a Christmas miracle that led many of his villagers towards a new life in Jesus Christ. Years ago, his beloved son had contracted a debilitating illness that only grew worse with time. At the age of 11, the boy could barely eat or sleep due to severe fever. No doctor in the region could diagnose the child’s illness, and no medicine or mysticism was able to improve his health. After years of hoping and trying, the village leader had lost almost all hope for his son.

The Message Ministries & Missions’ team through their “Christmas Blessing Project” gave the Burmese village leader a new gleam of hope. One of their Burmese partners provided warm blankets and jackets for the unreached village, also conducting a special Christmas evangelistic meeting.

During the meeting, the leader watched in awe as many of his villagers received healing in Jesus’ name, who were also hearing the Gospel for the first time.

An Extraordinary Miracle of Healing and Salvation

That night, the village leader visited the pastor in secret, asking him to pray for Jesus to heal his dear son. In response to that prayer, God accomplished what years of both mysticism and medicine could not. God healed his son!

In response to this miracle, the village leader and his whole family received Jesus Christ, as their Savior. When the village leader shared his testimony with the rest of the villagers, even more followed him to the Savior.

Today, the village’s inhabitants meet together every Sunday to receive Bible teaching, give testimony, and worship the Lord who saved and healed them. Many have abandoned drug abuse and opium harvesting, to follow their new-found Christ.

Message Ministries & Missions is an evangelical non-profit missions organization that exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His saving power and grace throughout the world. “The most effective way to reach a nation is by the loving labors of its native Christians,” founder Brian Mark Weller explains.

“Jesus died to save a world lost in the darkness of sin. We place the message of Jesus’ salvation at the forefront of all we do. We reach the lost through local churches, dedicated evangelists, special outreaches and by evangelism training,” Brian continues.

“We seek to love the whole world by providing practical needs. We do this through feeding centers, orphanages, job training, emergency relief and more.”

Live Everyday As If It Were Christmas

The spirit of Christmas is given each day in every act of kindness that we show one another. It’s in how we love our families, our spouses, our children, and in how we treat a perfect stranger. It is true, peace on earth will come, when we choose to live everyday as if it were Christmas. Jesus is God’s perfect gift, and we can choose to share this most precious gift, every day of the year.

1 John 3:18 teaches us not to love with just words or speech; but, with actions and in truth. As we are each being called to join the mission of bringing the lost back to Him, and in sharing this truth with all of His children, it is my heart to celebrate the many ministries who are in the trenches, and on the battlefields, bringing the wounded in.

It is “the Great Commission” that we are laboring together to accomplish. And as you go, preach, saying, “‘The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out demons” (see Matthew 10:7-8).

Let us acknowledge that as we’ve been freely given, let us also freely give.

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